Club Circle makes social service initiatives

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Club Circle social initiativeMr. Rajesh Aggarwal & his likeminded people have formed a club circle whose one of the objective is to help the needy section of the society. In its first initiative it has today organized a program at Shalimar Bagh to distribute school bags and other study material to poor children and support an old age home called AASTHA at Najafgarh by donating necessary items like almirah, tables and chairs for the benefit of the elderly living there.

It also made a significant contribution to North Delhi Municipal Corporation to match government’s contribution for construction of new toilets in NDMC area for better sanitation and health of the people. The program was attended by Mr. Tilaj Raj Kataria, Chairman of North Delhi Municipal Corporation standing committee, who accepted the contribution on the behalf of NDMC.

“Since we also share Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of clean and healthy populace, we decided to match government’s contribution as donation for construction and up keep of toilets so that there is better sanitation and hygiene in the area. Apart from that, we have also tried to help the school kids belonging to the disadvantaged section of the society and elderly who live in old age home in the area”, said Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal, founder member of Club Circle and Managing Director, Insecticides (India) Limited.

“We are trying out bets to improve the sanitation and hygiene scenario in our area. This contribution from Club Circles, is significant and will help us in our endeavor. All the donation will soon be deployed in construction of new toilets as well as for upkeep of the existing ones,” said Mr. Tilak Raj Kataria, Chairman of North Delhi Municipal Corporation Standing Committee.

A few other dignitaries attended the programme which was held at Keshav Bhawan, Shalimar Bagh.


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