Helping Implement Vision Of Housing For All

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housing for poorThe growth of infrastructure in India in the last decade along with the present government’s– Vision 2020 – Housing For All scheme, intending to provide a roof to each and every Indian has addressed the problem of population rise and a significant number of people still being homeless. The ceramic and sanitary ware industry has contributed a lot to quicken the process to achieve the goal of housing for all.This industry is also helping implement the dream of Hon’ble PM of India Shri Narendra Modi of ‘Swachch Bharat’ by building toilets and providing access to the hundreds of thousands of citizens. With over 60% of the Indian population being in the middle class and the BPL bracket, affordable housing is the solution that will help India grow rapidly. With specific focus on affordable housing and the ceramic industry providing the perfect solution, working in synergy will help the economy grow and at the same time also improve the standard of living in India to a great extent as the housing is the first key to the improvement of standard of living for all. Affordable housing is the key to the growth of the upcoming middle class of India which defines the growth story of shining India.”

The President of Vibrant Ceramics Expo and Summit as well as Morbi Ceramics Associations, Mr Nilesh Jetpariya, is a true leader. After having worked with the ceramic association for over two decades for variety of issues successfully, he got into a leadership role in the last five years, and in these five years, he has brought about a revolution in the Indian ceramic industry, putting it on the ceramic world map with his hard work and innovations.


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