ONGC promotes Beekeeping in Uttarakhand to generate employment

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ongc beekeeping uttarakhandOil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has launched a CSR project on Beekeeping to generate employment in Uttarakhand. The project is aimed at generating rural employment and promoting a sustainable ecosystem in and around the wilderness of Jim Corbett National Park.

The first phase of the program will continue for 12 months involving around 40 families in five villages around the Jim Corbett National Park-Pawalgarh, Dhela, Amgadi, Kyari and Mankatpur.This CSR project, which is slated to transform into a major campaign to promote Bee-keeping, has been undertaken in memory of the five ONGC officers who recently lost their lives in the Mumbai High accident.

Inaugurating the Project, Mr D DMisra, Director (HR), ONGC said that bees are vital links of our ecosystemand therefore promoting apiculture is of huge importance for our environment. He also advised the project coordinators to involve women in a big way in this project by trying to have at least 50 per cent women as beneficiaries. He further said that ONGC would help in providing vocational training for developing some women as tourist guides.

ONGC Director (Onshore) Mr V P Mahawar said that this project would promote skill development of the community members, especially the unemployed youth, in line with what the Hon’ble Prime Minister has envisioned.

The Beekeeping project was inaugurated by ONGC under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), at Pawalgarh on January 2018 in the presence of the ONGC Director (HR) Mr. D.D. Misra, Director (Onshore) Mr. V P Mahawar and CVO Dr A K Ambasht. The project is being implemented by Devalsari Society.


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