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An initiative towards a greener world

India, March 2022: Sustainability more than just a trend, but the need of the hour and The Lexicon Group of Institutes – one of India’s leading education hubs continues to show the way with their initiative with the Scrapman’s innovative paper waste management solution. The Lexicon Group of Institutes has been a pioneer in the field of education and has transformed the lives of children through their unique teaching methods. Whilst, positive mindset, believing in oneself, academics, sports and other extracurricular activities are a focus, students are also taught about ways to incorporate sustainable practices in their daily life as well.

The initiative is in collaboration with ‘The Scrapman’ who has developed an innovative paper waste management solution and the team at The Lexicon Group of Institutes has taken up the initiative to create awareness about sustainability and ensure that it becomes a way of life for all at Lexicon and beyond. Once the wastepaper is collected from the campus, different recycling items are then sorted and separated and transported to the recycling units. Once this process is done, they provide the school with sanitation equipment, stationery, and various other recycled equipment’s as per the school’s requirement.

‘The Lexicon Group has been leading the way for the last two decades and has been a pioneer in the education sector in the city and state. We work closely with children across all age groups and what better way to spread awareness and inculcate the practice of sustainability than in children. Children are the future and will define the world future generations live in, hence it is critical that we train them young with all the right practices and build in the right mindsets and thought processes. Sustainability Goals form an important element of the learning journey for all Lexiconites”, says Nasir Shaikh, CEO, The Lexicon Group of Institutes &MultiFit.

The Lexicon Schools so far have collected around 3000+ kilograms of wastepaper and have converted it into fresh stationary for use. Through this initiative they have also witnessed the children understand the importance of sustainability. Each member at Lexicon believes strongly in sustainable practices and hence have supported this cause from the very beginning.


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