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ARTH Signs Exclusive Partnerships with The Goat Trust (TGT) to Empower Women-led Para Vets of Goat Farming in the Animal Husbandry Sector

Delhi, Monday, October 03 2022: In keeping with its vision to empower women-led micro enterprises and hyper local economy development, ARTH, the financial service provider for MSMEs has announced the first of its kind partnership with The Goat Trust (TGT), a Trust that works across value chain of Goat-based products in eight states across India. In collaboration with the trust up to 5000 para vets will be trained on digital tools & will get equipped with AI kit for becoming practicing agents of change in the community. The working capital facility will be provided to such women for capacity buildings, kits & asset purchase to make them an independent “Village Level Entrepreneur.”

This partnership is also unique as it is geared to solve the larger sustainable development goal 13 (UNSDG 13) – Climate Action, to correct climate by developing effective green solutions & in this regard animal husbandry & livestock has a huge role to play. As part of the first phase, ARTH will support TGT in training more than 400 Pashu Sakhis to use smart phones (AI training) and support them with working capital financing, that can further be extended to purchase two-wheeler vehicle for their work-related commute. The first working capital loan was yesterday handed over to Sabina Khatun, a Pashu Sakhi from Lucknow. A Pashu Sakhi is a goat rearer herself who demonstrates, advocates, and disseminates knowledge and skill actively for the betterment of her nearby goat farmers within the village. Pashu Sakhis are trained under structured classrooms and also given field training.

ARTH launched the Hyperlocal partnership program earlier this year for taking their financial products deeper to the micro businesses in rural India. ARTH since its inception in 2018 has been providing affordable financial services and livelihood support for the last-mile underserved micro MSMEs in India using technology and partnership platforms. TGT since the last one decade has created a self-reliant ecosystem wherein multiple stakeholders come together to promote Goat based livelihoods for women farmers and women-led grass root organisations. TGT acts as a platform to promote cross learning, experiences and make it available to larger set of players within and outside India.

With the support of ARTH, TGT is looking to provide working capital support of INR 90,000 to Pashu Sakhis to drive Goat business in the country. This working capital will fund AI kit costing around INR 15,000, Mobile/ Working capital expense of INR 15,000 and vehicle financing upto INR 60,000. Over 400 Pashu Sakhis have been identified by TGT for the first phase of this program. The partnership will start with a pilot cohort of 50 and will later expand it to a cohort of 350. The size of the total program is INR 36 million. As part of the agreement with ARTH, TGT will act as the hyper-local network partner to facilitate the identification and onboarding of Pashu Sakhis and in ensuring an excellent repayment behaviour by Pashu Sakhis to enable them to maintain a good credit bureau score.

Sharing her views, Shweta Aprameya, Founder and CEO of ARTH said, “We are very happy to partner with TGT to support the financing of Pashu Sakhis in the UP and NCR region. We see the Pashu Sakhees play a pivotal role in uplifting the overall village community, their own families & catalyzing the income generation for the goat farmers. These trained & funded Pashu Sakhis can deepen the farmers’ knowledge on goat rearing and are expected to help reach an increase in their income by 20-30%.” Added Shweta, “Sanjeev who has dedicated himself to the cause of the goat farming community at large has the support & trust of the farmers. We feel working with them in a sustained manner can contribute to the objectives of green & clean climate action by improving the quality & quantity of the well trained & equipped Pashu Sakhees. We would like to make his vision of creating a self-reliant environment for the goat farmers a reality by extending our humble support in impacting 500-5000 Pashu Sakhis through ARTH.”

Dr Sanjeev Kumar, Promoter, The GOAT Trust said, “I am happy to share that with this collaboration; we are extending the digital access to our professional cadre of Pashu Sakhis, who will be able to provide their services to the remotest areas of rural India. Geeta (Pashu Skashi), got her loan to buy a bike that will not only help her in providing services to the goat farmers, but also, earn an opportunity to become financially independent.” Sanjeev adds, “The enhanced digital access to financial products for female entrepreneurs will lead to gender empowerment in the long run. We at TGT look forward to a mutually beneficial engagement with ARTH to achieve shared goals of bringing gender equality at grass root level.”

As per the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Livestock contributes to a total emission of 7.1 Gigatonnes of Co2-equiv per year, representing 14.5 percent of all anthropogenic GHG emissions and India ranks first in the total livestock population of the world, to which the goat population is contributing 26.40 percent of the total count share.

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