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Carlsberg India’s Initiatives to Safeguard the Environment


India 10th June 2022: Carlsberg India has been continuously working towards bringing out a change for the betterment of the environment and making it more habitable for future generations. The company is taking several steps in their manufacturing unit at Alwar. ‘At Carlsberg India, we continue to motivate our employees to lead a holistic living and the critical element here to focus on is environment and sustainability. Keeping the environment healthy and clean is our duty, and as a responsible brand, we want to keep driving initiatives towards it.

This World Environment Day is a great example of the always-on steps at Carlsberg India.”– Abhishek Arora, VP HR Carlsberg India has taken various steps across Aurangabad, Dharuhera, Alwar, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mysore, Poanta, and Kolkata to meet their environmental safety goals and encourage conscious living amongst their employees. The team from Carlsberg’s Mumbai office gathered at Juhu Beach and collected approximately 70 kg of garbage lying on the seashore, to work towards water cleanliness.

All Carlsberg employees have pledged to use e-vehicles instead of petrol-diesel and to use public transport/pool cars/cycles instead of private vehicles. This will help reduce air pollution and the exploitation of fuel. Many of their Dharuhera unit employees ride bicycles or e-bikes to work. India-wide Carlsberg has planted 397 trees on World Environment Day 2022. With these initiatives, Carlsberg has and continues to work towards achieving water cleanliness, improving air quality, and planting more trees for a better tomorrow

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