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DCM Shriram Foundation’s Mother and Child Health Counselling Unit

Hariawan, Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, 10 March 2022: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, DCM Shriram Foundation launched a Mother and Child Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) in Hariawan Block of Hardoi District. This MMU has been launched taking forward the Khushali Sehat Project undertaken through DCM Shriram Ltd.’s CSR efforts.

Ms. Akanksha Rana, Chief Development Officer, Hardoi was the chief guest on the occasion and Mr. Om Prakash Tiwari, Chief Medical Officer, Hardoi was the special guest of honor. The inauguration happened in the presence of Mr. Pradeep Tyagi, Unit Head, DCM Shriram Sugar Unit, Hariawan. Khushali Sehat is a CSR project for holistic care of mother and child. Under this, the prenatal care of women is ensured along with delivery in a public facility and vaccination of the new born children. Due to these facilities in Hardoi, rural women of surrounding areas can avail health facilities in their own area.

As part of the CSR efforts, this mobile health counselling unit has been introduced to provide better maternal and child care services to the rural population in Hariawan block located in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. This new unit set up by DCM Shriram will ensure holistic health of women and new born by providing modern preventive diagnostic and medical services.

Under the project, 24 locations have been identified where the MMU will be go as otherwise women have to travel long distances for care during pregnancy and delivery. In this situation, these mobile services will provide community level care to women in distant and inaccessible areas. These women will be able to take advantage of the services of the medium and third level along with the community level. Referral facilities will also be provided to women in case of high-risk pregnancies. Apart from this, the project will also be instrumental in raising awareness about vaccination, nutrition and hygiene.

The health counselling unit will visit two places in a day. The unit will have a gynaecologist, a nurse, a pharmacist, a lab person, and a support worker. It is expected that better results for the health of pregnant women and new born will be ensured in the establishment of this unit.

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