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Della Adventures & Resorts hosted Jai Vakeel Foundation to give their children an unforgettable day


April 2022: Della has always stood to be a place of hospitality where they aim to impact and improve the lives of all around them. The last two years have had a profound effect on the wellbeing of the community, and the organization has taken an endeavour to help the world recover from its effects.

That is why when Jimmy Mistry, Founder, Della Group, came across the Instagram page of Jai Vakeel Foundation, he instantly knew that he had to do something. The Jai Vakeel Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers aid to children and adults with Intellectual & Development disabilities. Dedicated to the care of such extraordinary individuals, Della ensured no stone was left unturned during what was their first visit post the pandemic. This initiative was instantly taken up by Natalia Mistry, Chief Marketing Officer, Della Adventure and Resorts & Della DATA. From bridging the initiative to ensuring every safety measure was intact, the organization takes pride in saying that the entire team, gave it their all to make this association one that leaves a lasting impact.

The organization is thrilled about – what would’ve been a classic weekend instead was one of thrill and adventure as they took these wonderful children through the ropes of Della. From playing with the dogs to archery and pottery to try the thrilling activities and enjoying the indoor and VR games, they enjoyed to their hearts’ content and also filled our hearts with joy, post to which a nice lunch spread was laid out and entertainment was provided by their in-house artists to make it a memorable afternoon spent eating and dancing! Through the course of their trip, Della built memories that they’re certain they’ll be looking back on and smiling through the near future.


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