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Forerunner In Fashion Education


Forerunner In Fashion Education

Dr. (Prof) Darlie Koshy’s pioneering contributions to fashion and design education, skill development and vocational training over the past three decades has been well acknowledged by all stakeholders. He is a visionary educationist, leader and persuasive administrator who has the credit of transforming several educational institutions and at present serving as director general IAM and ATDC. Dr. Koshy is ascribed for the formulation of National Design Policy which was approved by Government of India in February, 2007 and also the widely known campaign “Designed in India, Made for the World” which powered India into Design Leadership position among developing economies. He is a PhD from IIT Delhi and rankholder in MBA from CUSAT having been trained at FIT, New York as a founding faculty member of NIFT. Dr. Koshy authored three books including the “Indian Design Edge” published by Roli Books who is internationally acclaimed presenter and a powerful Orator. Above all, Dr. Koshy is well respected teacher and guide for hundreds of students and faculty members whom he has taught and mentored in NIFT, NID, IAM etc. over the last quarter of a century. Dr. Koshy has been named twice (2006 and 2008) as one of 50 leaders shaping Indian Higher Education. Dr. Koshy has served as Chairman of Curricula Committees set up by AICTE under HRD Ministry.

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