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Girish Pant- The real tale of a Superhero, with his selfless attitude stands immeasurable for all the Social-Good he’s done to the Society

Although there are many fictional superheroes characters in movies, but the real heroes are there are the one who selflessly work towards the betterment of the society and this is the real tale of a super hero who, with his dedication and passion to help people, reunited more than 1000 students stranded in Ukraine. With several touch points from his base in Dubai, Mr. Girish Pant, who is also known as “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” in Dubai, with limited resources yet unlimited passion, planned the evacuation of helpless students in Ukraine through a group on WhatsApp in coordination with External Affairs and Embassy where he pro-actively guided distressed students on how to plan, operated several hours during the day and worked through the night ensuring the time difference was never a reason for him not to be available for anyone in need.

Mr. Pant has made an enormous mark in UAE in the past few years through his relentless humanitarian work. He is known for helping more than 5000 Indians and people of other countries like Sri Lanka, Russia, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Sudan, Malaysia, Bangkok and Nepal and other GCC country to return to their homelands. For all his work, he is fondly called the “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” by a renowned media house in India. His efforts and works received due recognition by Government of India and he was awarded “Pravasi Bharatiya Samman” in 2019.

Since Covid-19 Pandemic caused great distress to people across the globe, Mr. Girish Pant assisted people in locating their ill friends and relatives in hospitals. His help to the Indian Consulate in Dubai in repatriating over more than 400- 500 Covid patients who were terminated with the help of the local authority in Dubai as well as non-Covid mortal remains sent to India stands noteworthy. He made enormous efforts in this regard, by visiting police stations, hospitals and mortuaries almost on a daily basis. He arranged food and medicines for the needy and identified those most in need for repatriation on VBM and chartered flights. He also connected a large number of Indians with the hospital authorities and gave solace to many others on phone. Mr. Pant is the Board Member of the Hindu Cremation Ground, Dubai.

He is seen as a Messiah to the seafarers and has helped hundreds of seafarers in distress through counseling, providing food, connecting with their families and above all liaising with the local government authorities and the Indian Missions to raise their issues. He has effortlessly done this work not only for those facing problems in UAE but also in other countries that include Iran and Yemen. Mr. Pant has also helped in repatriation of 2500+ seafarers, laborers who had overstayed and facing other problems such as loss of jobs, accidents He has done this for people of different nationalities (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Bangladeshi, Nigeria, Sudan, Nepal, etc.).

Mr. Pant has played a crucial role in sending mortal remains from UAE back to home in India in various death and suicide cases. In a few cases, he has accompanied the mortal remains to hand them over to families in India. This is much before the Covid-19 Pandemic. He selflessly helped people in all the possible ways and stood by them as and when required. Apart from leading people through the above-mentioned serious issues, he has helped save many starving workers with the involvement of the local authorities and Government of India. Irrespective of odd hours, he himself tries to do the maximum work like offering food and other necessary items to the workers who are facing difficulties. In one instance, for example, he went and gave solace to abandoned laborers who had to live inside a bus on the outskirts of Oman Border.

Human trafficking is an important issue women coming to UAE in many cases fall prey to. Mr. Pant has helped many such women and has rescued them by coordinating with local authorities and repatriate those stranded in UAE back to their homes but also in other countries (Tunisia Malaysia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait).

Since he is a prominent Social Worker of the UAE and is well known in India, he had received several calls from India to help migrant workers during Covid-19 pandemic restrictions in India. He made sure that proper arrangements were made to the safe passage of nearly 24 workers from Ahmedabad to Uttarakhand and helped whenever and wherever has been possible to help his countrymen in distress.

It requires a lot more than just courage and a good heart to achieve such a feat. Mr. Girish Pant has set an example to every individual, irrespective of one’s age/nationality that Service to Mankind stands as the first motive when it comes to offering help. He is currently the Committee In-charge for Overstay & Seafarers -Consulate General of India, Dubai and General Secretary– India International Trade Development Organization-UAE. Inspite of all the philanthropic work he’s done, he envisions to be there for the needy people and owes his noble nature to his village- The village of Pithoragarh – Berinag to which he belongs and is grateful for the village to have played an important role in instilling this habit of feeling for others. Apart from all the social initiatives, Mr. Pant takes interest in arts and crafts and is a patron member of The “Artscrafts” Gallery, which is a platform that helps all the artists and their specialized art which include Arts, Crafts, Photography, Sculpture, Customization, Exhibitions, various Contests and Online Shopping of those arts and crafts.

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