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International Achievers’ Award Winner, USA

Mridul Pathak
Mridul Pathak, who prefers to call himself a ‘philanthropreneur’, left the Indian shores more than four decades ago but never lost touch with the country of his origins. Whether it is founding the Indian School, or the Indian Cultural Association in Africa, or the Foundation for Sustainable Development in India, he has succeeded in combining his passion with his profession. His pioneering efforts in e-commerce led to the listing of his companies Netguru and Calonline in Nasdaq in the 1990s. He also helped pioneer the economic conferences SUITE I and II for the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) in New York.

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Transforming lives through various programmes

News Update/press release Pune, 21st January 2022: Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR), a globally recognized organization dedicated to transforming the lives of millions in rural India, has empowered 45 lakh beneficiaries