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JBCPL organizes Free Lunch for the Caretakers of Patients in Hospitals

Mumbai, April 8, 2022: With its continuous focus on Community Outreach initiative, JBCPL hopes to reach out to at least 2.5 Lakh people with its recent programme making a meaningful difference to their lives. Lending a philanthropic hand to people needing help in healthcare, J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited has partnered with Akshay Chaitanya, an NGO affiliated with the Hare Krishna Movement to provide free lunch for the caretakers of patients in hospitals. Under this initiative of JBCPL, 700 meals will be provided every day in 4 hospitals in Mumbai including JJ, Nair, KEM and Bombay Hospital.  Under this initiative a large community kitchen has been set up that supply’s free meals to caretakers of the patients in civic hospitals. The objective of the initiative is to ensure that care takers get the right nutrition through healthy meals to protect themselves from infections in the hospital and also give proper care to the patients.

JBCPL’s signature Community development programmes are selected to address the most pressing challenges in the society in areas such as Education, Healthcare, Nutrition, Infrastructure, and Community development. These initiatives are aimed at empowering local communities and create a lasting impact on the society. The Company is also committed to co-creating accessible solutions for the communities it serves.

“The pandemic has significantly impacted our communities across the country. We know individuals and families are struggling to ensure that they have enough food on their tables and food costs are on gradual rise. In such a scenario it becomes difficult for a family to take care of the ailing family member and bear the treatment cost along with other logistics,” said Nikhil Chopra, Global CEO – JBCPL.

Adding further, he said, “Through such community service initiatives, we want to make a pledge to improve food security in India over the coming years. We commit to making a long-term investment to make a material impact on these families, and lessen their economic burden to some extent.”

JBCPL believes that food security is critical to the stability of our communities and the health, well-being, and economic empowerment of its individuals. Individuals and families coming to these hospitals who were food insecure prior to the COVID-19 pandemic are now finding themselves in an even more challenging situation. Through strengthening partnerships and increasing investments on such initiatives, JB Chemicals will have a deeper and more meaningful impact on combating hunger for caregivers.


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