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‘Livelihood on Wheels’- an initiative that aims to provide livelihood opportunities to people with special abilities


Mumbai, May 2022: GRAB (GRAB a Grub), a tech-abled last-mile logistics company, announced the launch of the ‘Livelihood on Wheels’ project. This initiative aims to provide livelihood opportunities for differently-abled candidates.

In this agreement, GRAB has collaborated with Youth4Jobs and NeoMotion Assistive Solutions Pvt Ltd. Youth4Jobs is an NGO that will help GRAB to identify the candidates depending on the job role and level of impairment faced by the candidate. The NGO will understand the job role and remuneration defined by GRAB and explain the same to the candidate during the identification stage, acting as a middle man between the two ends. In this partnership, NeoMotion Assistive Solutions Pvt Ltd is the mobility provider and will provide mobility equipment to the candidates employed by GRAB. NeoMotion will train the candidates on the safe usage of the equipment provided to them.

NeoMotion will be providing low-cost battery-operated wheelchair vehicles to the candidates. These candidates will cover up to 10 km for delivering groceries, pharma and food products. To begin with the project will pilot 10 candidates for this.

Nishant Vora, co-founder and director of GRAB said, “From the time of inception, GRAB has always believed in promoting inclusivity in its work culture. We are proud to initiate the ‘Livelihood on Wheels’ project to support members from the differently-abled community and empower them with financial independence above all. “

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