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Menstrual Hygiene and Health Check Awareness Camp in Tamsai Village

Mumbai, July 2022: In an awareness program on menstrual hygiene, a camp was conducted by Motherhood Hospital, Kharghar at Tamsai Village. Where 25 women participated. The issues addressed during the camp were primarily menstrual hygiene and general health. The pads were distributed to all the women present during the camp. Menstruation is a healthy biological process but there is still a stigma, and taboo associated with it. However, the situation is not so good mainly in the interior areas of the country. There is still a lack of awareness regarding menstruation in rural areas. Motherhood Hospital, Kharghar has taken a great initiative to help rural women understand menstrual irregularities and seek timely medical attention.

Dr. Surabhi Siddhartha, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Motherhood Hospital Kharghar said, “Menstruation is like misogyny and many women are not at all comfortable, feel shy, and are ashamed to talk about it. There are still many myths related to menstruation and it is the need of the hour to dispel them and help women to separate fact from fiction. Women need to be educated regarding good menstrual and personal hygiene. There are many problems associated with menstruation that women are unaware of. One’s periods can be painful, too scanty, or heavy and this can happen to an underlying condition such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, or uterine fibroids. Or many women tend to use cloth, old rags, or even newspapers which can cause allergies, and vaginal and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Not changing the cloth can also cause fungal infections, bacterial vaginosis, and reproductive tract infections.”

Dr Surabhi added, “This camp was an eye-opener for women who failed to recognize the importance of menstrual hygiene. Most women who attended the camp complained of lower back pain, lower abdomen pain, weakness and some experienced giddiness due to nutrition. Women were taught to live with dignity without feeling guilty or awkward. It was great to see that women asked their doubts regarding menses, spoke about their health problems, and were eager to take various steps to deal with their menstrual woes.  The hospital will take more such initiatives in near future to help women from rural areas to lead a dignified life. We would like to cover 1 village every six months and emphasize the importance of menstrual hygiene and improvement of general health for women.

“We were not aware of problems that can arise due to poor personal hygiene. Not much attention is given to this issue. We don’t even discuss this issue with our mother or sister. But this initiative by the hospital has been a boon for us. Now, we will try to communicate with other women and discuss if there is any problem related to menses. I thank the hospital for organizing a camp here and look forward to many such initiatives,” concluded Meenal from Tamsai village.

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