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Not just a business for Rahul Shaw: A part of Profit from the Glow 365 salon to be donated for the upliftment of the Transgender community

New Delhi, 27th October, 2022: Rahul Shaw, the youngest General secretary ever in Trade Union and a popular youth face from Bengal opens Glow 365, the biggest floor salon in Central Delhi which was inaugurated by Transgender Community. The saloon is one of its kind in central Delhi offering high-class services with a specific emphasis on the overall well-being of its clients. Rahul who believes in giving back to the community will also be donating a portion of the profits to the transgender community.

Speaking on the grand opening of Glow 365, Rahul said, “This is a small venture that is focused towards the holistic well-being of our clients. The aim is not just to offer services that help in uplifting the look and enhancing one’s personality but also at a special discounts. Furthermore, a portion of the profits made by the business will be donated to Transgender wellbeing. The goal is not just monetary gain but to open a salon that offers best-in-class services that promote our client’s and society’s well-being. With Glow 365, we assure you that our clients will have an experience like none other.

Rahul further adds that the aim of the donations is not to develop a feeling of inclusiveness amongst the people. The clients will also feel a sense of contributing to a cause and being a supportive hand to a community that is neglected by society. The saloon will offer a wide range of services in the area at affordable prices. People can also avail package deals to get special discounts.

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