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Shikhar Dhawan Foundation in association with Guru Nanak Dev Charitable Blood Centre organize Blood Donation Drive in order to spread awareness & bring about changes in the society

6th June 2022, New Delhi: “Someone lives when someone donates blood”. Sympathy alone cannot save people in chronic conditions, but blood can. “A drop of blood donated is a life saved”, with this vision in mind Shikhar Dhawan Foundation in association with Guru Nanak Dev Charitable Blood Centre organized a blood donation camp drive at Delhivery IGI Airport Hub.

The drive saw many donors and staff members from Delhivery IGI hub coming together to donate blood for a noble cause. Volunteers helped the people and gave moral support to the people donating blood. Donors were provided with the juice, biscuits and fruits after their donation. The samples were carefully sealed and transported to the Blood Bank. This camp helped the first-time donors in getting awareness about their social responsibilities and because of the same, so many individuals showed enthusiastic participation for the same.

According to estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) India needs approximately 15 million units of blood every year. A shortage of this valuable resource has a major impact on victims of road traffic accidents and trauma victims, women with complicated pregnancies, children suffering from thalassemia, and people undergoing major surgeries. Blood is collected and it’s given to the people who are in an emergency and lack resources in their families or have no family donors, it’s a one step to support them and save lives.

Mr. Shikhar Dhawan says, “We strongly believe in sensitizing people of India towards developing social sensitivities and a strong need for blood donation drives in amongst youth of the country towards the cause. It is certainly a good way to solve the problem of blood shortage in India. At our foundation, we are always committed to the welfare of the society and nation at large.  This campaign gives me happiness and relief that we are stepping one step forward for saving someone’s life and bringing change in society with such a great cause because Shikhar Dhawan Foundation is all about creating awareness and bringing change in society. The Shikhar Dhawan Foundation is established with an aim to bring change and helps prevent social issues and would be devoted to the common good.”

Mr. Amitesh Shah, Group CEO DA-ONE (An initiative of Shikhar Dhawan), says, “Blood donation is one of the noblest deeds and especially when you don’t lose anything if you donate blood as human body has a regenerating mechanism, this campaign with The Guru Nanak Dev Charitable Blood Centre was a great success and we were so happy to see that people are coming forward and extending their support for this cause. We also applaud the management skill of the organizing team for organizing this Blood Donation Camp in a well-planned manner and also thank the highly enthusiastic contribution of Delhivery team in organizing this camp and making it a success. Da-One group believes that organizing blood donation camps on a regular basis is very important. It believes that all sections of society should contribute towards the society and save lives & blood donation is the easiest way to do so.”

Dr. Kanika Dewan, Director-Impact and Strategy, Shikhar Dhawan Foundation says, “Shikhar Dhawan Foundation has been at the forefront to serve the community through social initiatives. The Success of this blood camp is significant and we would continue to organize such camps on a regular basis to create awareness about the importance of donating blood and saving lives. We would like to express gratitude to the Guru Nanak Dev Charitable Blood Centre, New Delhi, and also appreciate the enthusiasm of Delivery IGI Hub employees and all the blood donors in making this camp a great success. Shikhar Dhawan Foundation’s tie-up with Guru Nanak Dev Charitable Blood Centre is because of their efficiency in well-equipped high end systems to collect and process blood for preparation of components, blood testing facilities, latest gadgetry and efficient international standard cold rooms for good storage capacity for blood and blood products.”

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