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This Senior Citizens’ Day, Evergreen Club uplifts the spirits of elderly

22nd August 2022, India: Evergreen Club, India’s largest online community for the elderly, celebrated World Senior Citizens’ Day by organizing a bunch of activities for seniors. The aim of Evergreen club is to provide a safer and happy space to the elderly, in order to live the best moments of their life in the golden age. This year, the company organized its flagship event – Evergreen Carnival, ran a heartwarming social experiment to connect the younger audience with their parents and grandparents, and also published a few short stories by its members.

The 3-Day flagship digital event, ‘The Evergreen Carnival’, took place on 19th to 21st Aug 2022 on Evergreen Club. The three-day event was packed with fun and exciting online sessions and various events. The aim of this Carnival was to take the senior citizens through the lanes of their childhood, unlock their inner child and showcase their hidden talents.

Apart from the carnival, Evergreen Club also celebrated the inspiring life journeys of the members by adding more stories to its ‘Evergreen Diaries’ initiative. The social media campaign is executed to help the seniors find solace, inspiration and comfort in stories of their companions at Evergreen Club. These stories highlight the battles, griefs, struggles, the wins and invoke such other emotions from the lives of these elderlies. Evergreen Diaries is an initiative to tell stories of seniors to the world and empower the community with such inspirational stories.

With the objective to connect the hearts of the young and the old, Evergreen Club conducted a social experiment on the streets of Pune & asked people to call up their parents/grandparents and tell them that they love them. During this social experiment, they stood on FC road and held up a sign for people that read “Call your parents & tell them that you love them, and we will give you Rs 100/-.”. In just 5 minutes, people started to approach the team and quickly dialed in to their closed ones. The calls brought out mixed reactions with numerous emotions amongst the participants. “The feeling of being in that moment couldn’t be described in words”, says one of the team members. And when the Evergreen Club Team tried to share the promised reward, the participants completely refused to accept the token.

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