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38th National Eye Donation Fortnight being observed by ENTOD Pharmaceuticals Brightens Lives through Awareness

29 August , 2023: Corneal blindness constitutes 7.4% of the overall blindness panorama and emerges as the second most prevalent form of blindness. There is an alarming increase in the annual surge of corneal blindness from 25000 to 30000 new cases. Entod Pharmaceuticals seeks to bridge the chasm that exists between the potential donors and the fruition of donation.  It is noted that 4.8 million individuals in India battle the challenges posed by blindness. The eye donation fortnight is being organized in more than 10 states including Delhi, Maharashtra, Bihar, Telangana and so on.

The Entod Pharmaceuticals transformative event, The 38th National Eye Donation Fortnight is scheduled from August 25th to September 8th, 2023.  During this campaign the necessary information and education crucial to eye donation will be imparted to people with the view of encouraging more corneal transplants to address corneal blindness. More than 1000 doctors, hospitals and clinics all over India will be working together to target 50000+ individuals in 10+ states. The key role of eye donation, will be addressed and explained and any misconceptions will be cleared. These core efforts will be coupled with a wide array of engaging activities. An interactive platform has been devised with a focus on uniting communities to support eye donation. Immersive camps and rallies have been planned, to nurture a collective sense of responsibility and motivation. This effort spans geographical boundaries uniting individuals with a common purpose of restoring sight and hope.

President, Entod Eye Health Foundation, Mr. Nikkhil K Masurkar explains the impact of #pledgemyeyescampaign that was launched last year, and how they are continuing their efforts and amplifying the awareness about eye donation through this eye donation fortnight.  The initiative was led by Prof. Dr. S Natarajan and through this, individuals are empowered to pledge their eyes conveniently from their homes in just two clicks.

Dr. Anjani Pratap, M.S FLVPEI, Consultant ophthalmologist, Cataract and Refractive Surgeon, Assistant Professor at Omania General Hospital said that the efforts taken for this initiative by Entod Pharmaceuticals was commendable. This initiative was a powerful reminder to rethink the gift of sight along with the incredible depth of kindness associated with it as a priceless gift, she added.

The Eye Bank Association of India has signaled a decline in corneal donations during the pandemic; therefore, the Eye Donation Fortnight emerges as a pivotal initiative to reignite eye donation.

Entod Pharmaceuticals is organizing awareness camps/drives by the regional field force and also using social media to spread this awareness and education.

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