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Advanced Endoscopy Services for a better quality of life

Mumbai: With an aim to create meaningful interactions with people of the society, and help improve their quality of life, Zen Multispecialty Hospital is pioneering social initiatives in association with ICICI Foundation. This initiative will help needy people to undergo advanced endoscopic tests at discounted rates. Esophago-gastro-duodenoscopy, colonoscopy, and endoscopic ultrasound are some of the procedures that will be offered through this initiative for the next 2yrs.

Corporate social responsibility (CRS) initiatives are the need of the community, with health remaining of prime focus and importance. Being socially responsible is the motto to help in the upliftment of others. Now, Zen Multispecialty Hospital has come forward, striving for society, and taking limitless efforts to bring quality healthcare within the reach of all.

Dr Roy Patankar, Director of Zen Multispecialty, said, “Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, we recognize that being socially responsible is more critical than ever and that many organizations are actively doing their part and in the best way they can. As a part of our CSR activity, we are introducing advanced Endoscopic services at discounted prices to diagnose cancers and pre-cancerous conditions early. We will be offering these services to the underprivileged sections of society. As government hospitals are already rushed with many patients and appointments for endoscopy are delayed.  The procedure will be performed by using the latest high-end advanced endoscope-Olympus 190 which also has a narrow band imaging technique that helps in diagnosing early cancers. These activities will be run in association with the ICICI Foundation.”

Dr Patankar added, “we have seen patients who come with us in very bad conditions due to lack of facility or delay in treatment. If patients are diagnosed early then many of the diseases-related to stomach or colon may be detected in the early stages which will save one’s life. In the last two years during the covid time, many patients couldn’t come in time for diagnosis and hence later landed up in an emergency. If these cases were picked up in the early stages, then it couldn’t have been a worse situation. The situation in rural are is worse than in urban.  This initiative will definitely be helpful, save money as well the time of the patients. “

“Esophago-gastro-duodenoscopy, colonoscopy, and endoscopic ultrasound are some of the procedures that will be offered through this initiative for the next 2yrs. 1st test was done for diagnosing acidity problems including reflux, food pipe ulcers, food pipe cancers, stomach ulcers, various types of stomach cancers, and tumors. Colonoscopy is carried out for diagnosing colonic cancers and ulcers, chronic ulcers like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, diverticulosis. Endoscopic ultrasound is for duodenal cancers, pancreatic cancers, bile duct cancers, stones in the path of bile flow (bile duct). The hospital is committed to providing uninterrupted services for socially marginalized and deprived sections of society.”


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