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His Excellency SUHAIL MOHD AL ZAROONI is a businessman from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an Emirati Collector,Prolific Writer, Author, Guinness Book World Records holder and Philanthropist.

His Excellency is a trailblazer having a chequered past glittered with accolades. The fact that he is the first ever Emirati after the Royal family of United Arab Emirates (UAE) to be awarded with Two Guinness World Records is a milestone in itself. Suhail Al Zarooni’s collection is second to none in the world. His collection of Miniature and Dinky Car collection won him the Guinness Records. He started building his empire by setting up companies harnessing the power of human intellect and perseverance. His empire now spread over several companies, operating in diverse technologies across different geographies of the world. Suhail Al Zarooni Group of Companies was established to consolidate several Al Zarooni ventures and companies both in the UAE as well as internationally. Suhail Al Zarooni Group of Companies, based in Dubai, was founded in the early 1980s and has since branched out in size and stature across various segments of the Emirate’s business world. The Group has been pioneers in business with diversified activities in construction, real estate, retail, food products, investments, industrial related materials and components, manufacturing and general trading. Today the Group of Companies has interests in diversified sectors such as Technology, Entertainment, Automotive and Real Estate. Suhail Al Zarooni Group of Companies has been harnessing the power of human intellect and perseverance. Our business empire is based on family tradition and values forward by following compassion and entrepreneurial zeal over several companies, operating in diverse technologies across different Geographic’s of the World.

His Excellency Suhail Al Zarooni is also known for his charitable work and as Philanthropist. He founded a charitable organization for his social and charitable work “Al Zarooni Foundation”.Al Zarooni Foundation is a charitable & social initiative of His Excellency Al Zarooni. The sole objective of which has been to impact the lives of the needy people globally. His compassion for people has taken the shape of many charitable initiatives run by His Excellency’s foundation. The impact of his humane endeavours in enriching lives of people and far reaching. His investment of time, resources and energy in to these human-oriented initiatives has brought him peace and joy. Al Zarooni Foundation aims to provide healthcare to children / women in need through its various projects in Pakistan and UAE which is further plan to extend its reach next to Bangladesh, Africa, India and Sri Lanka and beyond. Al Zarooni Foundation with limited sources has constructed some houses for the socially backward and poor people. There is dire vacuum between need and availability of resources. Al Zarooni Foundation’s mission is to change lives through the gift of clean, safe water. Access to clean drinking water, a basic human right. In the West, Al Zarooni Foundation tend to take drinking water for granted and wish to provide the best housing society to the people at large. The ladder of success brings with it a set of definite responsibilities, enhanced connections, greater consumption of your personal time and demands a lot of patience. A series of happiness, small & big, gradually evolves a person into a Man with a definite personality. But there are also some Like Suhail Al Zarooni that leave a greater impact on the society.

Suhail Al Zarooni also known for his kindness and Charities. Suhail Al Zarooni Group of Companies also follow responsibility of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with a continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large. He runs many social organizations which are involved in sustainable livelihoods of the weaker section of the society. Suhail Al Zarooni invigorate and takes care of different societies, NGO, Social Centre, which are involved to take responsibility for the Children Education, Women for Healthy Future, Midwifery, Building Tools, Shelter for Humanity, Safe Drinking Water, Fisherman Project, Robot Jockey and many more.


Suhail Al Zarooni has a simple yet grand vision that children will usher in a bright future. Investing in the children is the best investment one can make to a brighter future. He is committed to the cause of educating children. It is a way to safeguard and ensure a bright Future.


 Suhail Al Zarooni believes that the Women are cornerstone of any society. To lead any society ahead, the interests of women must be protected and nurtured. Women’s health is at the top of the agenda of ensuring women’s role in a society.


This is a focal point of Women’s Health. Many women face dangers to their lives while giving birth. Best Midwifery practices followed will ensure low mortality rate for women during child birth. Suhail Al Zarooni is bringing in knowledge and technology to ensure best midwifery practices are followed.


 Hygiene and sanitation is integral to growth of a healthy society. Suhail Al Zarooni has earmarked building basic infrastructure to ensure hygiene and sanitation will lead to healthier lives, who in-turn will contribute constructively to the society they live in. His work and effort in introducing the awareness and building the necessary infrastructure has a positive social impact.  


A roof above one’s head is one of the most basic human needs. His Excellency Suhail Al Zarooni understands this vital need and has dedicated his vision and resources in fulfilling this particular basic human need. Suhail Al Zarooni has run many an initiatives in developing shelters for needy wherever required.


Drinking water is another most basic human need. It is shame that even today many are deprived of this simple and most basic human need. Suhail Al Zarooni has mobilized resources required to make available Safer Drinking Water to people, wherever need.  


Fisherman is a community very dear to Suhail Al Zarooni. He has believes in “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you feed his family for a lifetime. Driven by this powerful dictum, He is dedicated to re-invigorate this age-old profession with the powers of technology in to a richer source of livelihood.


Robot Jockey is a reflection of Suhail Al Zarooni’s compassion and passion for technology in enriching life. One of Suhail Al Zarooni’s companies based in Taiwan developed a Robot Jockey for the famous Camel Race. Robot Jockey is a mechanized jockey designed and developed entirely by his team of designers and engineers. The innovative Robot Jockey has brought relief to small children who earlier were subjected to inhuman conditions being jockeys. Al Zarooni Business Forum (AZBF) a part of Suhail Al Zarooni Group of Companies,is another positive step in the direction of preparing Dubai for the Expo 2020. The idea behind the Al Zarooni Business Forum is to play a proactive role in the Expo 2020 and assist every business at every stage when they participate in the Expo2020. His Excellency Al Zarooni’s active participation is social and a global issue is a clear reflection of his holistic view of life. He is sensitive to local pulse of life and understands how these are connected to global, much larger issues. After all we are now living in a global village and our lives are interconnected. We cannot ignore are far off neighbours for they too impact our lives in many ways. His Excellency Al Zarooni is prolific writer and a brave author, who does not shirk from airing his opinions on social, economic and cultural issues. He has contributed by way of many articles and blogs touching issue that are core to our existence has an ever-progressive species.  He personally believe that we all are blessed to have such great leadership, who is striving for the betterment of its citizens. As an Emirati, He understand that it is his duty to support UAE Leadership in all the ways He can to make the dream of Expo 2020 a stupendous success. It is with this notion, that He has also complied a Coffee Table Book on “Expo2020”with a motive by Moving Emirate Forward-When Dreams Come True, which is the only book on Expo2020 ever written by anyone which is none other than His Excellency Al Zarooni himself. With every passing day UAE is becoming stronger and stronger keeping its multi cosmopolitan culture having Expatriates from more than 200 nations. UAE has achieved so much in a short span of time and which sets an example for other countries in the region. In terms of development and prosperity, makes us not only proud to be Emiratis but also encourages us to reflect our love and loyalty into tangible success and devotion for our country to realize its modern vision. He is Proud to be Emirati & Proud of His Country UAE…


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