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MedTech redefining medical equipment ecosystem

Dr. Hassan Kunhi, is a dynamic and versatile businessman who believes no opportunity is small or avoidable. With extensive knowledge in the healthcare sector, paving the way to achieving great success stories. He is the Chairman of MedTech– As one of Qatar’s leading healthcare solution providers. He tells CSR Times about the challenges and opportunities in the medical field in the Middle East and globally. Excerpts from the interview: Tell

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In an Exclusive Interview with Smt. Suman Minda Ji, Chairperson Suman Nirmal Minda Foundation (Uno Minda Group)

Mrs. Suman Minda is the President and Chairperson of Suman Nirmal Minda Foundation (SNMF). She has been in social work since more than two and a half decades touching thousands of people who are in need. She redesigned the CSR policy of Uno Minda Ltd. and repositioned its work into key areas like Education, Vocational training, Preventive & curative healthcare and Community well-being and development. She has been running multiple

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Mr. Rajneet Oak, Chief
Commercial Officer, Pernod Ricard India

In conversation with Rupaak, CSR Times, Mr. Rajneet Oak, Chief Commercial Officer, Pernod Ricard India, shared his views about the recently launched industry-first initiative…. #OneForOurPlanet is an industry-first initiative by Pernod Ricard. What prompted the inception of this initiative? Do you envision it to be a significant shift in the industry? We live in a world that is constantly evolving, from climate change to brimming sea levels to overflowing waste

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Melba Pria, The Mexican Ambassador To India

In Delhi’s show-off circles, she uses a CNG-powered auto-rickshaw for her official commute. But her rickshaw painted with lovely textile floral designs has its style. The Mexican Ambassador to India Melba Pria, in an interview with CSR TIMES, shows her concern for increasing carbon footprint and talks about Mexico’s determination to seek new and better ways to improve the quality of air.   India and Mexico have had a cordial relationship

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Anurag Pratap Singh, CSR Leader, Capgemini,

What was the first CSR initiative of Capgemini in India and when was it undertaken? Kindly share with us the areas you are focusing on. Our CSR approach in India is based on four thematic areas—education, employability and livelihood, environment, and natural disaster response. Employee volunteering is one of the crucial elements we look at while appraising a project. Our visibility and reach in the immediate community thus plays a

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Mr. Santanu Mishra, Smile Foundation

How would you define corporate social responsibility (CSR)? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in the 21st century, has evolved as a practice in which business organisations voluntarily integrate social and environmental concerns into their business operations and into the interaction with their stakeholders. In India also organizations are leaving behind the traditional concept of philanthropic engagement and have started integrating CSR into a coherent and sustainable business strategy, adopting the multi-stakeholder

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Dr Y. Suresh Reddy, Srf Foundation

Dr Y. Suresh Reddy, Director, SRF Foundation, in a tête-à-tête with CSR TIMES said parents, government and private schools, corporates, NGOs and community in general all have a role to play in realizing the Right to Education Act. SRF Foundation works on education we believe, what is the focus—school education or vocational courses to bridge the gap? SRF Foundation works on both the issues of school education and vocational skills

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Mr. Gauhar Nawab, Hotelier Of United Kingdom

FINDING SHELTER FOR THE HOMELESS : GAUHAR NAWAB Leading Hotelier Of UK Gauhar Nawab In An Interview With Harish Chandra Gauhar Nawab reached United Kingdom in difficult times. Removed from his hearth and home, he struggled hard to make the two ends meet. On having achieved success, he works for the settlement of the homeless especially those who had to leave their country. The 76-year-old successful hotelier and socialite Gauhar

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Dr. L C Sharma, Institute For Integrated Rural Development

Working Towards Rural Prosperity Dr L C Sharma, IIRD, Shimla Tells CSR TIMES About The Initiatives Being Taken By His Organisation To Give Succour To Rural Poor Q1: Tell us about IIRD. What are the primary activities and programmes? IIRD- Institute for Integrated Rural Development is a developmental organisation dedicated for bringing rural prosperity through research & studies, training & capacity building, project planning & implementation, technical support & consultancies

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Mr. Wolfgang Will -Senior Director, South Asia, Lufthansa Group

Wolfgang Will, Senior Director, South Asia, Lufthansa Group, in an interview with CSR TIMES spoke about the Group’s CSR programmes which focused on education and enabling, life and health as well as rehabilitation post natural disasters. Lufthansa has been in India for more than five decades now, long before CSR was made mandatory by the law of the land. When was the first social responsibility initiative undertaken in India? Lufthansa

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