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Education for National Integration: The Mission Frontier

What is the goal of Mission Frontier, launched by ConveGenius and the 17000 ft. Foundation? 

Mission Frontier aims to provide access to quality education to all children in India’s remote border districts. It focuses on transforming the digital and physical infrastructure in these often inaccessible, offline, and disconnected schools and bringing them to par with the best of private schools. By providing quality digital learning resources and an AI-enabled, off-the-grid personalized and adaptive learning (PAL) technology, the initiative aims to improve educational outcomes, thus paving the way for the progressive empowerment of border communities.

How does Mission Frontier aim to strengthen the nation and revolutionize people’s lives in India’s border districts? 

India has taken huge strides towards connecting these remote frontier regions through physical infrastructure and improving security. In addition, it is essential to build intangible assets like educated and skilled Indian communities in these border regions to speed up all possible developmental goals. Mission Frontier’s mantra, “You educate one child; you change a family; You educate all children across the border; you secure the country,” encapsulates this ambitious vision. Mission Frontier believes that access to quality education leading to improved life opportunities will catalyze ‘national identity’ among the next generation of youth and lead to greater national integrity in the frontier regions. With communities in these frontier regions seeing that their children’s future is filled with equal opportunities and privileges, will compel them to recognize the Indian nationality – an intangible sense of respect and trust and strengthen security in these border regions. 

Which are the states in India where Mission Frontier will launch?

The first phase of Mission Frontier has been launched in Sikkim, and the mission will empower border communities in Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand over the next six months.

What is the significance of the CG PAL technology implemented in DigiLabs under Mission Frontier?

CG PAL technology is a personalized and adaptive learning platform created by ConveGenius. Its significance is three-fold-

  1. It identifies the learning gaps and provides content recommendations accordingly. It backtracks on a student’s learning progression, sometimes reaching back to foundational concepts, to find these gaps, thus helping students of varying abilities achieve mastery.
  2. It captures each student’s real-time learning and performance data in the form of a learning trajectory. It provides teachers with suggestions to improve classroom learning by gauging the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and the class as a whole.
  3. It functions off-the-grid in regions without connectivity and still captures students’ learning journey and data. This is crucial as most of these frontier regions have low to no connectivity, and the CG PAL platform can serve them.

What role does ConveGenius play in the Mission Frontier initiative, and what is its vision for education in inaccessible regions?

We, along with the 17000 ft. foundation, are the primary partners behind Mission Frontier and play the role of implementing and scaling this initiative. ConveGenius is also the technology partner for this bold initiative aiming to bring change, equity, and excellence in education delivery in border regions. This is possible through the establishment of one DigiLab in each school for high-quality Personalised and Adaptive Learning (PAL).

Mission Frontier is a big step to further our vision of #SabkaEdTech and #SabkaAI. Inaccessible regions require EdTech that can work off-the-grid and facilitate structured pedagogy, proven teaching-learning practices, and evidence-based systemic reforms. CG PAL can achieve that and ensure data-driven nudges for better learning. We want to create empowered communities and strengthen national integration.

The Borderlands of India witness educational transformation through Mission Frontier

The lives of people in the border districts of India were a focal point of consideration for the launch of Mission Frontier, an ambitious initiative. Revolutionizing the lives of Indian citizens residing primarily in the border districts through a strategic blend of technology and access to good education was the key objective.

Sikkim was the first state to launch Mission Frontier. This Industry First initiative plans to implement this across Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh & Uttarakhand in the next 6 months.

The Hon’ble Education Minister of Sikkim Sh. Kunga Nima Lepcha presided over the inaugural ceremony. Hon. Educational Minister of Sikkim Sh. Kunga Nima Lepcha has been instrumental in facilitating access to quality education for all citizens of his state.


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