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India is now 1 billion Strong


India was seen as one of the countries with highest surge in the number of covid cases. However, in the span of just 8 months, we as a country, vaccinated 1 billion of our citizens. Although the process started off slow with people hesitating to get themselves vaccinated, the quick-actioned awareness at various levels made it possible to achieve such an achievement.

“It has been a truly bhagirath effort involving multiple sections of society. To get a sense of the scale, assume that each vaccination took just two minutes for a healthcare worker. At this rate, it took around 41 lakh man-days or approximately 11,000 man-years of effort to reach this landmark,” addressed PM Modi in an article. The vaccine drive is an example of what India can achieve if the citizens and the government come together with a common goal in the spirit of Jan Bhagidari,” added PM Modi.

Adding on further, the PM said, “I am optimistic that the success achieved in the world’s largest vaccination drive will further spur our youth, our innovators and all levels of government to set new benchmarks of public service delivery, which will be a model not only for our country, but also for the world. 100 crore vaccinations are not just a figure, but a reflection of the strength of the country. A success of India and the success of every countryman”.

With this pace of vaccination, India will soon complete the rolling out both the doses to each of its citizen stand as an inspiration to other countries!


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