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LG Electronics India joins forces with the Indian Cancer Society to expand their ‘Together against cancer initiative’

9th May 2024: LG Electronics India continues its comprehensive Cancer Support and Treatment CSR Program with the aim of detecting cancer at an early stage. The program is built on the success of LG’s ‘Together Against Cancer’ initiative launched in February 2024 in collaboration with Indian Cancer Society (ICS).

The objective of the partnership is to support for cancer awareness, treatment and diagnosis to the underprivileged, offer comprehensive education on cancer and its ramifications, raising awareness regarding late effects and the significance of early detection. Along with this, the aim is to foster support groups for survivors and their families, and ultimately enhancing the quality of life for patients, post-treatment.

The program aims to conduct 182 cancer screening camps for Oral, Breast and Cervical Cancer covering a minimum of 10,920 beneficiaries and sensitizing an additional 49,000 individuals across Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Bihar. In addition to the screening initiative, LG and ICS will continue to provide financial aid for the diagnosis and treatment of a minimum of 150 underprivileged patients in states including Delhi, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Bihar.

Along with this, the program incorporates a targeted approach to reach approximately 100 schools, colleges and Pubic/ Pvt organizations to educate them and create awareness laying the groundwork for a more informed and vigilant society. Focusing on oral and cervical cancer using Digital / social media, cinema advertising and radio, the positive messaging will help reduce fear about cancer and encourage people to get themselves checked regularly.

Till date, 63 camps have been conducted in Pune, Thane, Noida and Varanasi. A total of 4530 (M – 1362, F – 3168) beneficiaries were screened for Oral, Breast, and Cervical Cancer. Support has been extended to more than 21 survivors for schooling and also for pursuing higher education in Engineering, Pharma, IT, Commerce and Humanities.   Mr. Hong Ju Jeon- MD LG Electronics India, said, “As we strengthen our alliance with the Indian Cancer Society through the ‘Together Against Cancer’ initiative, we reaffirm our commitment to the ethos of life’s good. We strive to illuminate the path of hope and resilience in the face of cancer, wishing for a better life for all those impacted by this ailment”

Mrs. Usha Thorat National Managing Trustee, Indian Cancer Society said, “The collaboration with LG Electronics India marks another significant stride in our collective efforts against cancer. Early detection and intervention are crucial. Through awareness, enhanced screening process and support services, we are committed to empowering individuals to take proactive steps to stay two steps ahead of cancer. Together, we can create a future where cancer is detected early, treated effectively, and survivors thrive.”

LG Electronics India’s Cancer Support and Treatment CSR Program exemplifies the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and its vision for creating a healthier and more sustainable society. As the program unfolds, it is poised to bring hope, awareness, and support to the forefront, leaving a lasting impact on the fight against cancer in India.


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