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Myplan8 a Green tech start up, launches “Carbon Directory” – empowers individuals to reduce carbon footprint and foster sustainable consumption

26 July, 2023:A free, easy-to-use carbon dioxide emissions (CO2e) tracker has been launched by Myplan8, a green tech start up. This provides an insight into the carbon footprint caused by our day-to-day lifestyle, food consumption habits, regular travel etc. The Carbon Directory has 8 key categories. 

Carbon emissions for water usage, food habits, energy used, pet animals, waste management, travel and electronics used and lifestyle – day to day activities have been simplified by MyPlan8.  Nearly 100 parameters have been listed by the company to help individuals reduce their carbon footprint in these categories. 

The food category has 30 food items listed under it. It is shown that the consumption of 100 gms of beef can lead to 15.5 kg of CO2e emission. This is equal to driving a car for 78.7 km. It is also noted that 100 grams of lamb will lead to 5.84 kg of CO2e emission which is equivalent to 29.6 km of car driving.  In the vegetarian food categories pasta, 100 grams will lead to the emission of 0.264 kgs of CO2e or 1.3 km of driving, whereas 100 grams of potato will lead to 0.5kg of emission. This is equal to driving a car for 0.2 km. 

Coal energy usage in the energy domain, has the highest and wind energy usage has the lowest carbon footprint. With regard to solar energy consumption, individuals can reduce its carbon footprint by almost 15 times. An average household with four people, who are using energy produced through coal will lead to 25 kgs of CO2e (which is equal to 125 km of driving a car.) The CO2e release would be 1.44kg (that is 7.3 km of driving) if similar electricity produced by solar energy is consumed. 

 Co-founder of Myplan8, Koushik Sur said that they were working towards building a carbon conscious lifestyle. He further added that we are all consumers from the moment we are born. By the year 2050 the world will be inhabited by 9.7 billion people. He said that we needed to change the way we used things, in view of the fast depleting natural resources. The “Carbon Directory” is trying to help individuals take conscious calls after they understand the impact they are making on their environment. The aim of this is that people will be able to make good choices for the future generations and the environment. He mentioned that this was just a humble beginning but more products would be added for environment conscious people.


Co-founder of Myplan8 Nidhi Mehra, said, that the WWF Living Planet Index revealed that the world’s biodiversity between 1970 and 2012, had dropped by 58%. It is important that every human being cooperates to make better consumption choices for the planet.  The Sustainable consumption and product patterns is one among the Sustainable Development Goals or SDG’s.

TheMyplan8 website ( has the “Carbon Directory” and both Android and iOS have apps available. The team she said would be adding more things as per the UNFCCC framework, and the Indian consumer carbon impact in the building of the future. This would also serve as a go to search directory for creating consumer awareness.


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