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Over 10000 users adopt the Green Score™ within 3 weeks of its launch by green tech StarUp- Myplan8


August 23,2023: Myplan8, a green-tech start-up, has launched an innovative lifestyle score. This is aimed at making a positive impact on society, environment and economy by transforming the way individuals assess and enhance their sustainable practices.

The exclusive patented intelligence system – The Green Score™ empowers the users to take actionable steps towards a greener future by understanding their ecological footprint.

The Green Score™ is very similar to a credit score’s assessment of financial credibility. It offers a simplified evaluation ranging from 300 (poor) to 900 (excellent) of an individual’s sustainability impact.

The Co-Founder of Myplan8, Nidhi Mehra said that the company’s mission was to drive change through collective efforts. Their aim was to have 10 lakh+ users with a score of above 700.  This would quantify the positive impact of an eco-conscious living and the harmonious coexistence with the planet she added.

The users are categorized into three groups by Green Score™ namely – Poor to Average (425-550), Average to Good (550-625), and higher scores represent a more environment friendly lifestyle.

Personalized reports highlighting the areas where their lifestyle impacts the environment the most is given to the users. This is accompanied with practical tips to help them reduce their ecological footprint.

The Co-Founder of MyPlan8 Koushik Sur added that a unique aspect of the Green Score™ was the reward-based ecosystem.  The users are rewarded with Green Credits™ which are carbon credits that are actual tradeable and exchangeable. This is awarded for every action that they take to better their score. As an additional benefit, with an improvement in their Green Score ™ they also gain access to curated benefits and offers.

With an understanding of the Green Score™ and its detailed report the users gain valuable insights into their current actions. They can also understand the potential positive impact that is achievable through the suggested alternative behaviours.

The Green Score™ is aimed at paving the way for a sustainable future with a view to benefiting both the individuals and the communities. The Myplan8 initiative of a good Green Score™ envisions benefits in career, education, government initiatives and finance.


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