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Shree Nandishala – A New Begining


Shree Nandishala – A New Begining

There was a time when every house owned a cow and Gopalan was given utmost importance.  But urbanization and developing farming techniques have gradually led to the cows and bulls being driven away from homes and farms. In Today’s times, people care to breed cows only if they are beneficial to them and later on are left to be on their own, so that, no liability whatsoever has to be taken care of.

In modern age, we are relentlessly forgetting the importance of cows and their existence. Bulls in that case are suffering even more, they are left to wander on the streets and feed on the heaps of domestic wastes and eventually end up eating a large amount of plastic and other toxic waste.  They are disease ridden and prone to accidents. This endangers human life too. Whereas, many lose their lives at slaughter houses. Condition of cows in the country is so bad that even if they are bred, they aren’t given the treatment that they deserve. 

There are many Gaushala’s being run in the country and most of them are making profit by selling cow milk and its products. 

But even today, there are people who haven’t forgotten their culture and roots and continue to save and preserve the same for our future generations. They not only contribute in taking care of cattle but also in preservation of their lives. The name of one such gaushala is Shree Nandishala

Shree Nandishala is operated by, Shri Sohan Lal Ji Bula Devi ji Ojha Gaushala Samiti. Located In Rajasthan’s Gadhwala, Bikaner District and run by Shri. Anil Kumar Ojha. He has totally dedicated himself towards this initiative and has been serving the cattle for many years. This Gaushala is completely different from other Gaushalas.  There are hardly any milk yielding cows here, and even the number of cows are very less compared to  Nandi’s. Hence it is named Shree Nandishala.


Shree Nandishala has been spread across the area of 65 acres of land. There are more than 7000 cattle in this place out of which around 5000 are only bulls. It’s not only unique but also a divine opportunity to be one of the most dedicated and efficient Nandishala in the country where so many bulls are taken care of each day, every day.   Running a Nandishala has its own challenges and Operating one from a land of desert increases it double fold. Shree Nandishala adopts high quality measures and make sure to provide every possible facility to take good care of the cattle and the same has been highly praised multiple times, by the Rajasthan administration. 


There are approximately 250 employees who are dedicated towards taking care of more than 6000 cattle round the clock, ensuring that everything is in place.Not just this, but by farming and ploughing, the concerned authorities of the Nandishala are making sure that there are green farms all around. Today, Shree Nandishala is surrounded by lot of greenery. 


Shree Nandishala is well equipped with all the necessary items required for the cattle.  The green fodder served to the cattle is organically grown inside the campus of Shree Nandishala itself. The organic green fodder like grass, Wheat, Barley, etc are grown on one third of its own land  under the supervision of experts and doctors. There are spacious storage houses for dry fodder to make sure there is sufficient availability of the same. Around 500 -600 quintals of fodder is served to the cattle every day as prescribed by our experienced Vet doctors. It’s important as ,before coming to us these abandoned cattle have  fed on heaps of domestic waste and consumed a large amount of plastic and other toxic wastes too. Our team of doctors examine and prescribe the quantity & kind of fodder as per their digesting capacity to ensure their safety. 

Medical facility

To provide the best of the medical facility to the cattle, Shree Nandishala has a well-equipped veterinary hospital inside the premises with 24X7 vigilant team of experienced vet doctors so that everything is taken care of timely.  Regular checkups are conducted and the cattle is taken care of in all means and ways. There are provisions for emergency situations and more. All the necessary medicines, injections and other emergency items are always available in good quantity in this Hospital.

Shree Nandishala also has an ICU unit to be able to, take extra care of unwell cows and bulls. This ICU unit is also equipped to handle serious cases like majorly injured, fractures and even amputation.


Cleanliness and hygiene is another factor that is given prime importance in Shree Nandishala. Shree Nandishala provides clean and hygienic environment to the cattle by ensuring cleaning of both Cattle and campus twice a day without fail. The reason behind this is to avoid epidemic diseases caused to the cattle due to unhygienic conditions. Shree Nandishala has given utmost importance to hygiene and as a result even with such a high number of cattle there is no sign of odour and squalor.

Eco Friendly Manure

Considering the number of cattle, Shree Nandishala collects huge amount of cow dung every day, which is converted into organic manure and used for the cultivation of green fodder for the cattle. Shree Nandishalal also distributes free organic manure to the needy/ small farmers who are unable to purchase organic fertilizers and pesticides due to high price and instead use chemicals as alternate. With this step Shree Nandishala promotes & provides opportunity to the farmers to adopt organic farming.

Altogether Shree Nandishala has been accomplishing the task of selfless dedication and commitment towards cows, bulls and humanity by adopting all the latest facilities and measures. Shree Nandishala requests you to visit our premises along with your family and share your thought and experience with us so that we can raise our service levels to  higher standards. After all its not only our Nadishala…..its YOURS SHREE NANDISHALA too.

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