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Tata Power and the ICICI Foundation unite to launch the ‘GhanVan’ tree plantation program, aiming to plant 250,000 indigenous trees in the Western Ghats

 05 January 2024— With the belief that Sustainable Is Attainable, Tata Power, One of India’s largest integrated power companies, joined hands with ICICI Foundation, the CSR arm of ICICI Bank and its Group Companies, to launch ‘Project GhanVan’ – a visionary tree plantation programme aimed at fostering environmental conservation. The formal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed as a part of the collaboration by senior officials of both the organisations. Over the next three years, the project plans to plant 2.5 lakh indigenous trees across 75 acres of fertile regions in the catchment areas of Tata Power Hydro locations at Bhivpuri, Khopoli and Bhira in Maharashtra, which is part of Western Ghats. This signifies a pivotal step towards a greener and more sustainable future.

As a part of the project, ICICI Foundation will support the initiative by executing plantation activity, installing solar water pumps with drip irrigation facility and maintaining them for a period of three years. It will also undertake special measures like trenching to help protect trees from forest fires. This collaborative effort unfolds in three phases which involves planting 50,000 local indigenous species, including Babul, Tok phal, Kinai, Reshim dhavada, Lakuch, Apta, Pivla Kanchan, Kadilimb, Undi, Kumbha, Bherli mahd, Bhokar selected based on climatic and topography conditions, to be planted on 15 acres. Project GhanVan prioritizes regional biodiversity preservation, leading to habitat conservation for native avifauna diversity. The project employs advanced methods, including using healthy 2-3-year-old saplings, drip irrigation, and rigorous monitoring until viability is established. Special measures are in place to protect against collateral damage such as grazing and forest fires, aiming for an impressive 90% survival rate. Beyond environmental impact, the project also creates employment opportunities for local communities for maintenance of the plantation sites, fostering sustainable development.

Dr. Praveer Sinha, MD & CEO at Tata Power, highlighted the company’s focus on sustainability, asserting, “Our ‘Sustainable Is Attainable’ movement epitomizes our steadfast commitment towards sustainable development. Our century old efforts have made substantial contributions to the conservation of native biodiversity in the Western Ghats. The partnership with the ICICI Foundation for Project GhanVan is a testament to our ongoing commitment to endorse impactful green initiatives, ensuring a positive influence on both the environment and local communities, paving the way for a sustainable future.”

Sanjay Datta, President, ICICI Foundation, said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Tata Power to launch ‘Project GhanVan’, a tree plantation programme, that embodies our collective commitment to a sustainable green future. Over the years, ICICI Foundation, through its various afforestation initiatives, has planted nearly 26 lakh trees across the country. ICICI Foundation is poised to take forward ‘Project GhanVan’ on the back of its experience from large afforestation and ecological projects in 52 forests and national parks across the country.”

Project GhanVan resonates with Tata Power’s ‘Tree Mittra’ programme, a flagship virtual volunteering initiative by Tata Power, which encourages individuals to adopt, plant, and nurture trees, fostering environmental sustainability. This nationwide plantation drive has garnered participation from employees, families, customers, and stakeholders, resulting in the planting of 6 lakh native trees as part of the afforestation drive as of FY23.

Tata Power is dedicated to conserving biodiversity through multiple approaches that involve safeguarding wildlife and vegetation, as well as raising awareness among employees and local communities. By building waterholes for grassland creatures, studying the biodiversity potential of solar plants, and hosting webinars with specialist groups on subjects like elephant conservation, and river ecology, the organisation is devoted to minimising their environmental impact while also preserving biodiversity. Recently the company also received the prestigious UNDP Mahatma Gandhi Award for Biodiversity which underscores its commitment to sustainability through specific actions and initiatives in biodiversity conservation.

ICICI Foundation is committed to protect and nurture the environment to ensure sustenance of future generations. The Foundation’s key focus is towards activities for environment and ecology, healthcare, societal development and supporting sustainable livelihoods. It has been implementing several environment projects in the areas of tree plantation, sustainable forests, watershed management, and rainwater harvesting. ICICI Foundation has planted over 26 lakh trees till date. It has carried out interventions in 52 forest reserves by way of creating water bodies, habitat restoration, weed removal and protecting biodiversity.



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