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A Workshop for linguistic development of young girls


Watts group is leaving no stone unturned in working towards the development of society as a whole. Following their series of administering several educational and development workshops, one more workshop is added to the list. This time, the workshop was an offline event in a government school of girls in Jalalabad West. Around 350-400 girls attended the workshop. The theme of the workshop was the implementation of language and communication skills. The main speaker at the event was the president of Watts Group and renowned ICCRC member, Ritesh Watts. Moreover, this workshop was a step towards the main cause of women’s empowerment.

The girls were fluent in their native language i.e., Punjabi but were hesitant in speaking in English. They all seemed to be willing to learn English, but the speaker saw a lack of confidence and initiative among the students. When asked by Ritesh Watts, what was the reason behind selecting a girls school for the workshop, then he said that “Women are miraculous. If given a chance, they can do wonders in every domain. We just need to push them in the right direction”. This is the reason he chose a girls school for this workshop. The workshop was a short crisp talk with the students for linguistic development abilities. Ritesh Watts was conversing with girls in both Punjabi and English to make them listen comfortably.

Everyone knows the importance of being fluent in English and generally, people keep repeating this thing in their lectures and workshops. Very few speakers make students aware of the tactics which they can use to implement speaking skills in their lives. During the workshop, Ritesh empowered students by suggesting innovative ways which students can implement.

Some of the ways he suggested were to develop an environment where you can speak English. Students should start thinking in English, only then they can speak fluently in English. He emphasized the fact that everyone can speak Punjabi but you can’t get a multi-national job in this language. Body language which includes waving hands, eye contact, etc. is also a part of skillful communication. “English is an international language and foundation of success. You should not be afraid of English, instead, you should enjoy it”, said the president of the Watts group during the workshop.

Ritesh Watts is a notable entrepreneur, attributed with so many tags of the efficient speaker, influencer, and investor. He is a noted author also, with a book named “DOER Mindset” whose target audience is youth. During their university days, he was also the position of Vice President of an NGO – RABB. And now, he has empowered more than 8000 people with different backgrounds through his abilities and intellect. A highlight about the author of DOER Mindset which is quite intriguing is that he started one new business every year to expand and intensify his brand – Watts, Power that Empowers.

The renowned ventures are TripeR, Watts Group, Watts Immigration, etc. tapping over all of the modern industries. Apart from the business and daily operations, he devotes much time to community development. Organizing educational seminars for youth, diverse workshops on career development, and several activities for women empowerment. During a conversation with his employee, we got to know that he is a person who works with ethics and principles. In all his ventures, he works with equality and recognition. Someone rightly said that progress and development start from your own residence. We were also notified that he is planning for more such activities in the coming month.

Nowadays, generation Z hunts for shortcuts for every work. Be it for learning English or writing assignments. Slow progress is not digested by them. Nobody can guarantee success with shortcuts. There are some tricks and tips to learn English quickly, you need to put your persistent efforts into achieving that. If you are also flawed in linguistic abilities, then do follow the ways which Ritesh Watts suggested and we have listed down. Help yourself in becoming the best!

In Mr. Ritesh Watts’ words, “You should surround yourself with English speakers. Even if your parents don’t talk in English, but at least you can start talking and teach your parents as well basic English. Every person does something for entertainment purposes. If you like watching TV or movies, then watch English ones. If you like reading, then read a book with good vocabulary. And if you enjoy music or audiobooks, then always listen to English content. This will be like hitting two birds with just one stone.”


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