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Students trained and certified through the skill development programme 

Nidhi Bhasin, CEO of Nasscom Foundation, and Manisha Khosla Sinha, Head of CSR, Brand and Communications at India BNP Paribas, spoke with CSR Times about how timely access to the right skills and opportunities can transform the lives of aspiring youth. They discussed how technology enables young individuals to pursue

Preserving Our Planet: A Call to Action for Environmental Stewardship

Dr. Payal Kanodia Chairperson & Trustee of M3M Foundation Conservation endeavors have gained paramount importance globally, with numerous nations grappling with dire repercussions stemming from air pollution, water contamination, soil degradation, droughts, floods, the dwindling of natural resources, and the alarming extinction of wildlife. The urgent need for comprehensive measures

Compassion in action: Shaping a new era of empathy and change

Sri Madhusudhan Sai Founder,Sri Madhusudhan Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research In an era of rapid advancements and heightened global interconnectedness, the 21st century unfolds a tapestry of unique challenges and boundless opportunities. Amidst this dynamic panorama, the clarion call for compassion resonates with an ever-increasing urgency, emerging as

Expanding Boundaries of Disability Inclusion

Dr. Sara Varughese Managing Trustee, CBM India Despite immense changes in attitudes to disability we are still far away from full inclusion. There are certain paradoxes we see in disability inclusion programs currently. Laws are based on rights but programs are often still based on charity: Persons with disability have

Community Engagement is the key to CSR Success

Dr K.K Upadhyay Professor and Chairperson, Centre for Sustainability & CSR, Birla Institute Of Management Technology (BIMTECH ) BackgroundIn recent decades, the role and expectations of businesses in society have undergone a significant transformation. Traditionally, businesses were primarily seen as profit-maximizing entities with a primary fiduciary duty to shareholders. However,

The impactful world of Social Entrepreneurship: Creating sustainable change

Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide Chairman of Global St. Angelo’s Group of Companies IntroductionA social entrepreneur possesses the unique ability to integrate noble principles into their business, aiming to make a positive impact on society. Unlike traditional entrepreneurs, who primarily seek profit, social entrepreneurs prioritize making a meaningful difference. The historical example






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