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Sustainability Beyond Commerce

C. Sridhar Director of AquaKraft Suffering and pathos garnished with a rural setting like women carrying water pots on their heads and hundreds of coloured water pots waiting to be quenched by a rusty tap – these are typical storytellers’ delight in the Indian context on water woes. However, if

SDG Goals: obstacles, challenges and the way forward

K.C. Sreenath As we move towards the last quarter of 2023, there is barely six years left for the world to achieve the targets set by United Nations for attaining Sustainable Development Goals, a set of universal objectives to balance economic, environmental and social needs of the world population by

Empowering Women, Transforming Communities: Dana India’s CSR Journey

Mr. Sunil Sehgal Country HR and Safety Leader, DANA India Dana’s presence in India dates to the 1960s and through its facilities and affiliates, today manufactures an entire product portfolio, including axles, drive-shafts, motors, inverters, sealing, and thermal technologies for the automotive, commercial, and off-highway vehicle markets. There are more

In Focus- Dr. Raj C. Mohan

I have been participating in CSR activities in Bengaluru, my home city, for two decades now. Presently, I am engaged with two prominent (NGOs) in India – Bhumi and Team Everest.  I began working with Bhumi to facilitate children’s admissions to schools under India’s Right to Education Act, which mandates free and compulsory

In Conversation with Pramod VR

Hailing from a small-scale farmer background, I consider myself fortunate that I had access to education. Many of our villagers belonged to tribal and marginalized communities and struggled to make ends meet, often unable to send their children to school. My parents were also poor and worked hard for our education

Empowering Educators in the Digital Age- unveiling The Teacher App from Bharti Foundation 

Mamta SaikiaCEO – Bharti Foundation Education is constantly evolving with teachers at the forefront steering the change to provide students with the best learning experience. In the panoramic view of new-age education, the teacher’s role has become increasingly demanding to bring transformation through technology, infusing innovation and creativity in teaching

From stigma to empowerment:Redefining the perception on menstrual hygiene

Menstruation is a natural and crucial part of a woman’s life and undeniably, it has long been shrouded in stigma and misconceptions. From ancient times to the present day, menstruation has been subject to unjust restrictions and prejudices, perpetuating a culture of inequality. However, the emergence of World Menstruation Day has






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