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Stone-age to space age, mankind has traversed a long, arduous developmental path–discovering, experimenting and innovating–to make life easier. And in the process of making life comfortable, human civilization has been continuously exploiting nature’s reserves. Growth of civilizations, technological advancement and scientific experiments has done more harm to the planet than good. Nonetheless, extreme weather and recurrent natural calamities have forced political economies to think of possible solutions to conserve the environment. Governments, NGOs, corporates and we as individuals need to get serious about climate change. Making the earth greener, saving energy and fuelling from natural sources like sun, wind, water, is the key. But producing renewable energy is not a low-cost affair. If the government gives subsidies, corporates too will have to put in more money. Focus on environmental protection schemes and activities are still lagging. In this issue of CSR TIMES, Ilaria Gualtieri analyzes the progress made so far at the global level, 30 years since the Kyoto protocol. “Even as we are busy promoting sustainability efforts, can we truly admit to know about the progresses made at the global level?” she questions. The corporates indeed are also thinking. Colonel (Retd) Prakash Tiwari of DLF writes the real estate sector has to find a way to eradicate the “ecology or the economy” mindset and strive for an infrastructure that embraces both. The Mexican Ambassador to India Melba Pria, equally concerned about the environment, uses a CNG-powered auto-rickshaw for her official commute. In an interview with CSR TIMES, she speaks at length about the measures taken by Mexico to battle the growing pollution level. This issue also has a few other interviews with important functionaries in the corporate sector; a cover story on Tech Mahindra’s CSR initiatives focused on education and employability; a feature on Dr B.R. Shetty, the entrepreneur philanthropist; and many more articles which could be of much interest to you. As we celebrate the World Environment Day this month, let’s promise to make the world a better place for all to live well and breathe easy!


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