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“Creating a Symphony of Courage: Harnessing the Power of Music and Art in the Face of Cancer”

26 June, 2023: The First Step Foundation in collaboration with CanSupport NGO for adult cancer patients an artistic event featuring activities to provide a positive and engaging experience for the attendees.

The first activity was a mandala art session. Each caregiver and patient received printed mandala sheets and colors. They were given the opportunity to fill their mandalas with colors, expressing their creativity and enjoying the therapeutic benefits of art. After five minutes, they were asked to exchange their sheets with their partner, fostering interaction and connection among the participants.

The second activity was a musical session. A guitarist was invited to play soothing music for the attendees. The live guitar performance created a calming and pleasant atmosphere, providing a moment of relaxation and enjoyment for the patients and caregivers. These activities not only provided a creative outlet and a sense of connection but also offered a chance for the participants to engage in therapeutic and uplifting experiences. By organizing such events, the First Step Foundation and CanSupport NGO demonstrate their commitment to supporting adult cancer patients and improving their overall well-being.

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