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Friends For A Cause


Friends For A Cause

Navya Singh examines the relevance and importance of benevolent bonding among human beings across the globe.

Reciprocating warmth and embracing affection, here’s a picture which speaks a thousand words itself by capturing Bahraini Nouf Al Maloud giving a cordial hug to Saudi Zahoor Assiri as they arrive in their cars in order to promote and congratulate Saudi women on lifting of the only driving ban in Saudi Arabia. Apart from this being an historic event, one to be definitely embarked upon as it reflects upon a progressive movement but also lays emphasis on the core idea of love for all, friendship and surpassing all obstacles with the aid of affection and support. The International Day of Friendship is an initiative that follows on the proposal made by UNESCO and accepted by the UN General Assembly in 1997, which categorically defines the Culture of Peace as a set of values, attitudes and behaviours that reject violence and endeavour to prevent conflicts by addressing their root causes with a view to solving problems. This day is a UN observance and not a public holiday. This day marks the relevance and importance the benevolent bonding amongst human beings across the globe.

And since this initiative is to be worked upon with an holistic approach, it also prophesises the idea of friendship and harmony between countries, cultures, individuals and communities. In order to mark the International Day of Friendship, the UN encourages governments, international organisations and civil society groups to hold events and initiatives that contribute to the efforts of the international community towards promoting a dialogue among civilizations for mutual understanding and reconciliation.



“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” This quote by C.S. Lewis propounds upon how the deep bonds of love and care are vital for the breathing of humanity and also how paucity of it can sabotage the entire human instinct. From a primary grade toddler to an aged man with wrinkled face, for each of them there might a completely different version of comprehending the concept of friendship and relations. For one it may be the benevolent sharing of favourite toys and for other it may be clasping one’s soul in tough times. No matter how the convention broaches this concept but everything simply converges into a boon of solidarity which can spell scent of life even in the barren land. Our world is badly afflicted with many problems and challenges, crisis and a state of chaos and unrest proudly sweeps over all good leading to an ambience with suspended fear and threat to life. When put into a queue, these problems may approximate to a thesis and the forerunners amongst these are poverty, violence of basic human rights, dearth of peace, vandalizing of humanity and blurring of a humanly connect and due this people all across the world have been subdued to just mobile dimensions of mass persisting on bones and blood. Putting forth an optimistic approach, it no less a truth that every problem can be cured and the same applies for these issues too. In order to put a halt to such vandalizing situations no rocket science is to be brought into use but actually it is just moral science, which is often taken for granted. To commence a miles long journey, a single step is put forward and here this step is that of friendship. And this single yet holistic move can embellish our existence with gems of peace, strength and togetherness. It can lead us into a whole new vicinity were joy, unity and love are commemorated like festivals and friendship will be crowned as the only dominant religion.



UN proclaimed the International Day of Friendship with the idea of building up of relations between peoples, countries and cultures and to ensure peace. The UN wanted for the day to involve young people, as future leaders in community activities that include different cultures and promote international understanding and respect for diversity. 30 July has been designated as the International Day of Friendship and several friendship related activities are observed in many countries. All Member States, organisations of the UN system including non- governmental organisations as well as civil society are invited to voice the concerns of people through education and public awarenessraising activities. Despite the fact that 30 July is reckoned as the International Day of Friendship by the General Assembly countries including India celebrate this day on first Sunday of August. Whereas in Oberlin, Ohio this day is commemorated on 8th of April every year. On the mission to spread the aroma of benevolence, cordial bondage and mutual understanding of pain and holistic thirst for peace, many crusaders have evolved from the wounds of past to build a better future for many others. That is exactly what friendship stands for, coming to the rescue of others in a completely selfless manner.

The director of Chhanv Foundation, an NGO that combats for the cause of acid attack victims in India, Lakshmi Agarwal became an activist after she was attacked by a group of men in 2005 because she had denied one of the men’s advances. She was felicitated with widespread appreciation for her campaign against acid attacks. In 2014, Lakshmi received the International Women of Courage award from Michelle Obama, and was also named as the NDTV Indian of the Year. Another shining example falling in this category is that of Bezwada Wilson, he vehemently campaigned against the inhuman activity of manual scavenging. With his enormous courage and determined actions, Wilson has saved and helped rehabilitate 3 lakh manual scavengers out of an estimated 6 lakh people still trapped in this activity. Hailing from a Dalit family in Kolar who were involved in manual scavenging and with the aid of turmoil buried in his heart he ignited his campaign to start a mass movement against this heinous activity.

The sole idea being proposed and expected to be reciprocated is that of warmth, affection and laying foundation for a society devoid of any fear or threat. Also, one can comprehend that the real essence of friendship is far beyond the reach of earthly elucidations and cannot be materialized. Good deeds committed for the society and organised community efforts is the only way in which people across the globe can in real sense befriend each other even without being aware of others existence. Entire phenomenon sounds bizarre but once driven with decent efforts, it can set harmony and distort all cacophony.


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