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India’s historical global yoga feat

The 9th International Day of Yoga created more than just a Guinness world record for India. It registered India’s global entry into the corridors of nations bestowing the unique gift of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing through the power of yoga! It was a matter of great pride for every Indian when our Prime Minister Hon. Shri Narendra Modi led the 21st of June 2023 International Day of Yoga event at the UN Headquarters in New York. The overwhelming participation by yoga enthusiasts comprising 135 Nationalities in a single yoga session was a record feat and made its way to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Originating in India Yoga has soared in popularity and has become unanimous with unity. On the 21st of June a confluence of nationalities, eminent personalities and the common man emphasized the significance of coming together or unity. Prominent personalities who attended PM Modi’s session were actor Richard Gere, New York City mayor Eric Adams Deidra Demens, and American singer Mary Millben amongst many others. Prime Minster Modi met reputed yoga instructors in Egypt too after his US trip continuing the spirit of unity which has become so synonymous with yoga.

In his address at this event Prime Minister Modi made a very pertinent point when he said that Yoga was free from copyright, patents and royalty, and the coming together of nationalities was an expression of unity.

Yoga at this juncture offers the much-needed balm for a battered and bruised world, and its inhabitants. The state of turmoil brought about by a medley of factors wreaking havoc. A post pandemic, war torn, natural calamity-stricken world and its individuals need solace. A peace and invigoration that that yoga can facilitate. The practice of yoga promises inner peace and the ability to connect with oneself. It is said to have a magical drugless corrective effect on stress, lifestyle, and diet. The Ministry of Ayush is working towards promoting Indian traditional medicine systems including yoga and establishing India as the holistic health capital of the world. There is no denying then, that Yoga yields immense spiritual and professional growth.

Manish Kulkarni an IT professional who like many others was a part of the unceremonious layoffs during the COVID period recalls how dejected he was with the loss of livelihood. Fate had dealt a cruel blow in more ways than one to him apart from losing his job he had also lost 4 of his family members to the deadly virus.

Recounting those days when he was a total wreck emotionally and financially, his friend Sameer introduced him to yoga. There was no looking back then for Manish as he experienced its beneficial effects. It brought him good health, emotional wellbeing and inner peace. It was the crutch that he needs to rebuild his life and personality.

With the dawn of this realization of the efficacy of yoga, many companies are embracing it to give shape to their CSR initiatives. The theme of the 2023 International Day of Yoga “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam “implies that the world is interconnected and is therefore is one big family. Companies have adopted this philosophy and integrated their CSR activities around this. With Health and wellness on the anvil, companies offer yoga classes to their employees, donate and support yoga organisations, amongst many other initiatives that improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. The focus of these initiatives is on making the work place and the world a healthier and happier place. Various projects that encourage community development, environmental sustainability are integrated with health CSR initiatives.

The transformative power of yoga on the health and wellbeing of employees is imbibed in its totality. What is eventually brought out is that a healthier lifestyle translates into a productive employee which in turn contributes towards the success of the company. Taken beyond this to the larger perspective it will help build better communities and a better world.

Companies can be instrumental in improving global health. They can do so by supporting healthcare organizations, providing access to good healthcare services and promoting healthy lifestyles. A satisfied employee will be more productive and regular at work. By enhancing their support for healthcare, the companies are actively contributing towards the SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) of Good Health and Well-being. Apart from the regular health initiatives, companies can also ensure workplace safety and maintain a safe work environment.

A perceptible shift in the way companies operate is visible in the post COVID era. Businesses have realized the critical role of health and wellbeing. This shift ensured CSR initiatives encompassing health and wellbeing. Efforts to invest in their employees, customers, and communities were brought about.

With CSR health initiatives on an upswing – the future looks very promising. When companies prioritize yoga and wellbeing for their employees and the communities in which they operate, the world is propelled towards wellness and healing with the welcome message of peace, inclusion and unity embedded deeply in it!


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