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MedTech redefining the medical equipment ecosystem

Dr. Hassan Kunhi, is a dynamic and versatile businessman who believes no opportunity is small or avoidable. With extensive knowledge in the healthcare sector, paving the way to achieving great success stories. He is the Chairman of MedTech– As one of Qatar’s leading healthcare solution providers. He tells CSR Times about the challenges and opportunities in the medical field in the Middle East and globally.

Excerpts from the interview:

CSR Times: Tell us about the birth of MedTech?

HK: Over forty years ago, I envisaged a future of excellence as a healthcare solution provider to the Qatar market. Today, I am proud to say that vision has become a glorious reality, with MedTech being one of the premier healthcare technology solution providers in Qatar and the Middle East. 

Throughout MedTech’s exhilarating journey, my vision and core values have always remained my North Star. Our mission remains to cater to Qatar’s growing healthcare industry and supply markets in Qatar and the Middle East with world-class medical technology. We aim to capitalize on our success and challenge ourselves to reach new pinnacles of victory for ourselves and our esteemed clients.

CSR Times: What are the new areas you want to explore?

HK: Our global presence enables us to deliver the world’s best technology to our clients, and our focus on customer centricity ensures equally world-class service. This winning formula has proven to be the cornerstone of our success and will always continue. With the grace of Almighty God, we firmly believe that our greatest successes are still just around the corner.

CSR Times: How have you created a niche for MedTech in the area of medicine?

HK: We render our services and supply world-class equipment to government and healthcare institutions across Qatar and the Middle East. With an ever-evolving healthcare industry, our core focus has always been to stay ahead of the curve. By partnering with the most premium equipment manufacturers worldwide, we deliver the industry’s future to our clients today. Besides our world-class technology offerings, our focus on client satisfaction enhances the MedTech edge. By recruiting and training the best talent in the industry, we have built a team that goes above and beyond the call of duty to deliver excellence. For example, our 24/7 support, our focus on compassionate service, and our excellent project outcomes.

CSR Times: Describe your company’s mission and vision.

HK: Even after forty years of success, our mission remains to transcend expectations and create unmatched value for our clients. We also remain firmly committed to empowering the incredibly talented MedTech team to pursue rewarding careers in the industry. Our vision is to become the premier supplier of medical equipment in the Middle East and markets around the world. Our hope is for our excellent service to translate into superior patient care.

CSR Times: What drives your firm’s success?

HK: I would say four pillars drive our success. First is Exceeding Excellence: We believe in rising above traditional standards to deliver the best for our clients. Secondly, Redefining Reliability: We take reliability to the highest level to ensure that our clients always know that we are by their side. Thirdly, to work towards Relentless Innovation: As technology in the healthcare sector rapidly evolves, we keep up with the latest innovations to always stay a step ahead fourthly, Community Consciousness: We deeply care about every community we interact with and always aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for them. Be it our community of MedTech Maestros, supply chain partners, manufacturers, or clients.

CSR Times: You mentioned about 24×7 support. Can you elaborate on that?

Good, you pointed that out. That is the core of our practices and differentiates us from others in the field. We offer Training & Application support, and Service support. Once your consignment is delivered, your journey with MedTech doesn’t end. 

It’s just the beginning of a journey of excellent after-sales support and service. That starts with our training & application programs, wherein our expert service engineers train your staff on the operation and application of your new devices. This includes a detailed demo and setup support, with 24/7 availability in case of any questions. We have redefined Service Support in the medical sector. We understand that our customer’s medical device needs to be functional 24/7, which is why our support is also equally active in case of a sudden service need. Our dedicated support service is operational round the clock, manned by the most qualified professionals delivering some of the best support and service in the industry.

CSR Times: Projects play an important role in a medical company’s growth. What’s your story?

HK: Our highly qualified professionals are capable of supporting and executing projects regarding medical equipment planning, design, facility and functional planning, accreditation support, hospital branding, project coordination/supervision, installation technical support, application support, and Turnkey Project Management. 

As one of the leading medical equipment suppliers in Qatar representing global leaders in the industry, we offer a complete portfolio covering every healthcare facility’s critical areas. We strive to make it successful with meticulous attention to all aspects, the most important of which are quality, time, and cost. Integrating healthcare support services and IT systems equipment with the initial construction and development ensures a comprehensive project solution.


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