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Menstruation is normal and good hygiene imperative – Period!

The 28th of May, observed as Menstrual Hygiene Day seeks to create an awareness and understanding about a taboo subject and a topic often restricted to closed door conversations.

There has however, been a perceptible shift in recent years on the conversations centring around this life occurrence for women. It has gradually evolved from hushed discussions to a more open addressal. It is heartening to note that this hitherto silence or stigma evoking subject is gradually gathering momentum and inclusion in corporate CSR drives, on women health and hygiene. While a lot is being done, a lot more needs to be done for this mammoth task at hand.

We bring you a roundup of a few CSR initiativesaimed at improving the menstrual health and hygiene of women and girls, that have emerged as a silver lining penetrating the dark cloud looming large on this subject.

In our expert opinion section, we feature Dr. Geetanjali Chopra, Founder and President of Wishes and Blessings.


“Pareevartan” – a menstrual awareness hygiene initiative by Paree Sanitary pads.

Soothe Healthcare’s home-grown brand Paree sanitary pads, announced the launch of PareeVartana programme aimed at ensuring healthy, hygienic practices during periods for girls.  Pareevartan focusses on the crucial subjects of empowerment, education and awareness and inculcates the right education and information in the lives of girls.

Mr Sahil Dharia, Founder & CEO, Soothe Healthcare said that “At Paree Sanitary pads, we believe that every girl and woman deserves access to safe and hygienic menstrual products, and the right knowledge to manage her periods with confidence. Through PareeVartan, we are committed to creating awareness, providing education, and empowering young girls to make informed choices about their menstrual health.” This initiative he further added would help in creating an environment where menstrual health would be prioritized and celebrated.


Kamats restaurant initiates the installation of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines in its washrooms


Travel time for women especially in the rural parts comes with its own set of challenges. One major challenge is the access to clean and hygienic washrooms or a sudden unprepared menstrual onset.Kamats Restaurants a highway restaurant brand has added this important dimension of a woman friendly, clean and hygienic washroom to its existing popularity as a pocket friendly fresh food brand. Dr. Vikram Kamat says that they have always been serving fresh and hot food and they are now taking on an initiative that will encompass the hygiene factor not only for their food but their entire chain in all aspects including washrooms. He further elaborated saying “Along with clean washrooms, beginning from Kamats Karad, we have also started installing sanitary napkin vending machines at our women’s washrooms. This will not only help our business but also improve us as a community and make Indian highway restaurants a preferred option too.”


C3 (Centre for Catalyzing Change) and Open Text disseminate innovative menstrual hygiene kits to 1000 young school girls in Pataudi District, Haryana


C3 (Centre for Catalyzing Change) and Open Text embarked on a novel initiative recently. The “Navya Kit’ is a collection of products and information compiled with the aim of equipping adolescent girls with life skills, information on menstrual health and hygiene, financial and digital literacy. A wide usage and safe disposal of sanitary napkins was also encouraged by setting up incinerators in the five schools in Pataudi District, Haryana, covered under this initiative.

Speaking at the launch, Vandana Nair, Lead, Adolescent and Young People Program at C3,stressed the importance of dispelling myths and taboos surrounding menstruation by providing accurate information and resources.

Dr Tanaya Narendra, an Instagram influencer, popularly known as Dr Cuterus was also present at the launch and interacted with the girls and encouraged them to have open conversations about menstruation.

Ms. Pushpanjali Saikia, CSR Lead India from Micro Focus which is now Open Text, emphasised the need to provide girls with requisite information to help them achieve the much needed combination of improved health and future success.


Unipads launches innovative tea cycle calendar to raises awareness about menstruation and good hygiene  

Unipads a company that manufactures affordable reusable cloth napkins has collaborated with Tea Promoters India for the design of an innovative Tea cycle infusion calendar that will help women cope with the natural phenomenon of menstruation much better.

Geeta Solanki, Founder, Unipads said that without adequate knowledge the women are confused about what is going on within their bodies. They experience pain, cramps, fatigue, cravings and feel confused with all these happenings and do not know how to deal with it. The Tea Cycle with its 28 tea sachets which has a different tea for every day of the period is created with ingredients that helps them manage the physical pain and associated symptoms better. Unipads by employing more than 150 women in its manufacturing unit in a village in Gujrat not only offers a steady source of employment to women but also aims to go beyond this small section of women to lakhs of women by impacting them through the improvement of menstrual health and hygiene.


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