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Sandhya Rasakatla of HZL becomes the first woman in India to supervise Underground Ground Mine operation

Hindustan Zinc’s Sandhya Rasakatla has become the first certified woman in Indian Mining to supervise mining operations in an Underground Mine. A Mining Engineer, Sandhya has been a part of HZL since 2018, when she joined as a Graduate Engineer Trainee. She has now become the first lady in India to receive the ‘Second-Class Manager’s Certificate of Competency’ in the unrestricted category from the Directorate General of Mines safety (DGMS).

Speaking on Sandhya’ s achievement, Mr. Arun Misra, CEO, Hindustan Zinc, said, ““Women being allowed in mining has been a revolutionary decision. This is an opportunity for us and the women mining engineers out there to bring about a societal change. At Hindustan Zinc, we have embraced this and have given an equal platform for our women engineers in our mining operations. I’m sure Sandhya’s achievement will be an inspiration for all the young ladies who want to pursue mining engineering as their option. This is just a stepping stone for women leaders who aspire to be in the mining industry”.

Today on the account of Indian Mining Day, Sandhya’s achievement goes on to show how the Mining Industry in India has undergone a positive evolution in recent times. Like any other woman in mining, Sandhya wouldn’t have been able to achieve this if not for a landmark decision in 2019. Following the amendments in the Mines Act 1952 last year; wherein government decided to exempt women employed in any mine above and below ground from the provisions of section 46 of the Mines Act, 1952; Hindustan Zinc deployed women engineers like Sandhya to gain experience in the underground mine operations.

Sandhya, who has received the certification in the metalliferous mine category, becomes the first woman in India to be awarded with this certificate, while Hindustan Zinc is the first company in India to have a woman supervise an underground mining operation. Sandhya is currently working as the Production Drilling In-charge of Baroi Underground Mine at Zawar Group of Mines.

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