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Siddhi: Meenaa Mahaajjan


Siddhi: Meenaa Mahaajjan

Siddhi, a non-profit, volunteer-led organization started with a strong foundation of selfless service and the power of giving. It has served over One million meals in different parts of the country. The organization’s founder Meenaa Mahaajjan, a Holistic Wellness Expert and an active proponent of the Vedas and Upanishads, launched a multipronged national response to the epidemic that is being led by a force of ‘COVIDKNIGHTS’. The essence of this response is community engagement, support, and solidarity. COVIDKNIGHTS are working in three broad areas during this constantly evolving situation. These areas include Support for the Front Line Workers, Support for the Underprivileged and Establishing Alternative Support Systems for the Vulnerable groups, including the Elderly, Children with Special needs, orphans, etc. The COVIDKNIGHTS provided cooked meals, dry ration packets, personal hygiene kits, milk, sanitizers, masks, slippers, clothing etc.

Dr Meenaa has been on ground every single day and made sure the COVIDKNIGHTS work as a alternate support system for the community. Each lockdown phase had a different strategy for reaching out to the most remote areas across the nation. From highways to railway stations COVIDKNIGHTS have been doing selfless work under the guidance of Dr Meenaa. “Siddhi was formed on these beliefs where every individual realizes their social responsibility and works to build a more inclusive and well-supported society, one piece at a time. At Siddhi, we strongly believe that we extend support to others not just to empower them but to empower a nation of immense potential,” said Meenaa Mahaajjan.

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