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SM Toys empowers more than 300 women across its manufacturing unit by generating employment opportunities 

The packaging division of SM Toys, the world’s largest manufacturer of small toys, took a major step in the direction of woman empowerment and welfare. SM Toys offered sustainable job opportunities to more than 300 women, in a bid to support them in their self-sufficiency and financial independence. These women can earn between INR 7000 – 10000 per month. SM Toys paying due and appropriate cognisance to economic empowerment and gender equality has implemented this unique initiative of providing livelihood to empower women aged 24 to 45 years. This initiative incorporates providing fair wages, creating opportunities for professional and personal growth, and giving them safe working conditions.

The women working in the manufacturing unit of Palda, Indore who are covered by this program are able to provide for themselves, their families and contribute towards the household expenses, thereby improving the overall quality of life. Sharing his views on this initiative, Mr Gaurav Mirchandani, Founder & CEO, of SM Toys said that the company firmly believed in creating equal opportunities for women and with this belief acknowledged the power of economic empowerment. They have under taken the responsibility of providing job security, a supportive workplace and fair wages to the women covered under this. The broader perspective looks at impacting the community beyond the narrower perspective of only the women and their families.

SM Toys founded by Gaurav Mirchandani, in 2016, offers exclusivity through its’ wide and appealing range of promotional, miniature and candy toys. The company a b ides by high quality standards, and uses all virgin quality and food grade material incorporating continuous research and development in its corporate ethos. The company focusses on social responsibility and creating a meaningful change through its operations. It has envisioned the employment of 500 more women by the end of the current financial year.

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