Strengthening aspirations amongst young lives, Canon Celebrates Children’s Month

Staying true to its corporate philosophy of ‘Kyosei’ – living and working together for the common good, Canon India curates a month long Children’s Day celebration this year. Harnessing its compassion for children, with a firm focus on both its CSR initiatives viz. ‘Adopt a Village’ and ‘Support a Life’, Canon means to bring in a positive change in the life of these children and have a sustained and profound impact on their development. With a number of considerate activities accomplished as a part of Children’s Day celebrations, the vision is to give these children a platform to experience the outside world, and inspire them to dream and work towards a brighter future for themselves. The initiatives are aimed at familiarizing the children with the fast and futuristic world outside, which remains beyond the purview of their day to day life. Realizing the significance of persistent-efforts towards fulfilling the noble cause, Canon is determined to continue with such sustainable undertakings, to bring in a worthwhile impact.