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The CSR Projects Support GOA and its People

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a charity but a duty & responsibility towards society inspired by the highest values of seeking to return to society a part of what we have received in whatever capacity & to whatever extent we can. Over the years, CSR has gathered critical mass and is now poised to consolidate and grow further. CSR awareness and CSR consciousness are visible among large and medium-sized companies, which now look at CSR to build a strategic fit with the community and environment in which they operate. 

A Report of the High-Level Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 2018 highlighted, “Broadly, the CSR mandate has been aligned with national priorities such as public health, education, livelihood, water conservation, natural resource management, etc. More importantly, it has generated national interest and debate on its potential role and the responsibility of the corporate sector in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

The Goa CSR Authority was formed and set up by the Government of Goa with the noble ideal of filling in the gaps in the existing system of governance. In this journey, it wanted the corporate and public sector units and society to work together to achieve the desired objectives. The Goa CSR Authority was formed as a Society to undertake and facilitate CSR activities of companies under Rule 4(2) (b) of Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Amendment Rules, 2021. The society’s area of operations is restricted to the State of Goa.  

The primary objective of CSR was not to mobilise resources for government to bridge the resource gap in meeting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The primary aim is to promote responsible and sustainable business philosophy at a broad level, and 22 encourages companies to develop innovative ideas and robust management systems to address social and environmental concerns of the local area and other needy areas in the country.

The law intends to mainstream the practice of business involvement in CS R and make it socially, economically and environmentally responsible. In the last few years, a strong movement has been witnessed towards sustainable projects, creating a longterm impact for the beneficiaries.

Goa Shipyard Ltd.

Goa Shipyard Ltd. has been a vital part of Goa’s industrial landscape, integrating seamlessly into the community and generating employment and business opportunities for the local populace. The Company’s operations have played a significant role in impeding Goa’s industrial growth. It has encouraged the development of ancillary units and vendor networks, establishing and enhancing proficiency, excellence, and entrepreneurship. Corporate social responsibility at Goa Shipyard Ltd. involves various voluntary efforts, which the Company engages in to contribute towards social development. The five focus areas of our CSR and sustainability strategy are as follows:  

  • Health and Hygiene
  • Civic Amenities
  • Education
  • Social Empowerment
  • Health Care/ Medical Facility

CSR & Sustainability Policy of GSL
Goa Shipyard Limited, a Schedule B Mini Ratna Central Public Sector Enterprise under administrative control of the Ministry of Defence, is located in the South Goa region under Mormugao Taluka. GSL believes that with its core business interests in Shipbuilding, Ship repairs and General Engineering services, the Company plays an important role in strengthening the fabric of society. GSL is committed to continuously improving its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen to positively impact society and the environment.

GSL has supported villages and communities near Vasco Da Gama for several years. The nature of support and engagement with the society was largely based on the immediate need felt across sections of the society.

A baseline and need assessment survey was conducted in the state of Goa to strengthen the CSR initiative based on a systematic and scientific approach. Baseline survey analysis formed the criteria for the identification and selection of projects with a duration of medium to long term through the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). These projects are executed through specialised agencies / NGOs, facilitated by the National CSR Hub (NCSRH). Each project is monitored by a dedicated GSL project team headed by an executive.

GSL has supported communities near its location at Vasco-Da-Gama under Mormugao Taluka for several years. The nature of support and engagement with the society was largely based on the immediate need felt across sections of the society. The initiatives included looking after Community Health & Hygiene, the needs of Educational Institutions, Orphanage and Old Age Homes, Provision of Civic Amenities, Medical Care, etc.

The activities undertaken pertain to the installation of Aqua Guards and water coolers, the installation of fans and lights in the classrooms, the provision of desks and benches, laboratory equipment in schools, equipping the playgrounds, providing bore wells, construction of modern bus Shelter, Children’s Park and Garden Fountain for the community, provision of ambulances, assistance to NGOs working for the rehabilitation of the destitute, underprivileged and the needy by providing nutritional support, conducting dental and eye camps and provision of medicines and bearing the cost of surgical operations as a follow-up expenses thereof in Government Hospitals for the general public. The Company’s initiatives have enabled GSL to become an integral part of Goan society.

V.M. Salgaocar & Brother Pvt Ltd

V.M. Salgaocar & Brother Private Limited and its people are committed to society, ecology and the environment. The Company realizes that one of the most important parameters for a socially responsible corporate citizen is to carry out business following sustainability, balance, and equity principles. The Company also realises that caring for society, country, and the planet is not philanthropy or generosity – it is a way of doing sustainable business.

The CSR Committee’s vision is to co-create sustainable value by improving lives in pursuit of collective development and environmental sustainability. This vision should encompass all CSR activities of the Company. Its mission is to positively impact the communities where the Company does business and our internal and external stakeholders by enhancing the quality of life, committing to environmental enrichment, and fostering innovation. Within the above mission, the CSR Committee will choose Priority Projects from time to time.

The Company believes that CSR Policy is the Company’s faith in socially inclusive and sustainable business as the way of doing business. The Company shall integrate and follow responsible practices into its business strategies and operations to manage the three challenges – social development, economic prosperity and environmental integrity.

The Company recognises that good CSR embraces all aspects of sustainable development and the way the Company affects people through its business operations. The Company acknowledges that CSR is not all about spending – it is the orientation of the Company and its people to larger social causes. The Company encourages its people to contribute to its CSR efforts in every possible way. The Company’s CSR is focused on socio-economic development and environmental sustainability.

Key Community Initiatives 
Krishi Adhar
17 Ha. of fallow land brought under cultivation benefitting 80 families. 11 ha. of paddy brought under System of Rice Cultivation (SRI). Regular seeds, manure distribution to over four hundred farmers.

Elixir of life
Setting up of an independent rural drinking water scheme for several households in the village of Taldem that is operated exclusively by women, a first for the State and another one benefiting several families in the village of Khazan, Surla which is handed over to the PWD for further operation.

V.M. Salgaocar Dnyan Jyoti Education Scheme has helped several students pursue their dream of higher education. Over three thousand needy students avail the benefit of assistance in kind through distribution of uniforms, educational aids and transport facility.

Stree Shakti
The Community Training Centre conducts awareness workshops and provides trainings to women from SHG’s on a regular basis

Social Infrastructure
Major financial investments have been made towards various social infrastructural projects including the flagship four-lane Usgao bridge that connected the North and South Goa and took care of the perpetual traffic congestion issue that plagued the locality.

Arogya Rakshak
Two Community Medical Centres provide unhindered service to more than 4,000 people living in the neighbouring villages. Specialized camps such as gynecology, dental etc. have provided support to over two thousand beneficiaries till date.

Environment Awareness
Regular celebration of Wildlife Week, lectures by resource persons and environment themes competitions are regularly organized to spread the message of environment conservation.

OLDGOA (a D2C Company)

OLDGOA pursues its business strategy of introducing products that give consumers health & wellness, OLDGOA operates in a manner that not just continues to generate an attractive return for the company, but also minimizes our impact on the environment and helps in replenishing the planet; while lending a helping hand to the community. Our mission is to find the best quality organic food and beauty products and take it to the end-user.

Stay innovative, dynamic, and socially responsible at every step in the journey. Through sustainable measures, actively contribute to the Social, Economic and Envi ronmental Development of the coconut farming community in which we operate ensuring participation from the community and thereby create value for the nation.

Mission OLDGOA
Ensuring socio-economic development of the farmers through different participatory and need- based initiatives in the best interest of the poor and deprived sections of the society so as to help them to become SELF-RELIANT and build a better tomorrow for themselves.
Ensuring environmental sustainability through waste management, ecological conservation and regeneration, protection & re growth of local coconut species.

Educational Scholarship
OLDGOA provides scholarship for 2 deserving village children in Goa and pays for their schooling expenses for the year.

Tribal Farms and Farmers
The CSR activities we pursue will be in line with our stated Vision and Mission, focused not just around our plants and offices, but also in other geographies based on the needs of the communities. The two main focus areas where special Community Development programmes would be run are:

  1. Providing clean and safe drinking water to the farmers and their families.
  2. Providing education and training to the needy farmers to help them prosper in their trade and help their business grow.

Workshop and Training students
OLDGOA offers apprenticeship courses for students wanting to learn Coconut farming and also for working in a VCO manufacturing plant.

Empowering Villages
There are 209 villages in North Goa and 138 in south Goa.
All coconut across all villages is processed in Old Goa oils, thereby changing the lives of villages and villagers.
Old Goa is Asia’s first pharma hygiene VCO unit in a cosmetic unit.
It encourages women and farmers to cultivate crops and contribute to the Old Goa oils and cosmetic units.
Old Goa products are available in more than 400 stores and sold across Goa serving more than 3 million population in Goa within a short period of time and 3000 farmers.
Old Goa has created a new way of circular economy growth
It helps people to connect from local customers to the tourism buyers by giving good return to their crop.
Gives 24hrs helpline support to farmers AI Chabot
It only ensures the traceability of raw material to the extraction of the geographical location of the coconut tree. It also assures climate control of coconut oil as in the shell of the coconut.
Gives support to a self-help group.
Bottling with the name of the farmer unit.

Hair oil – the concept of hair oil encourages more entrepreneurs and farmers to manufacture cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, which gives good returns to self-help groups.



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