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To encourage environmental sustainability to combat climate change, Sembcorp launches its afforestation drive in Bhuj, Gujarat

22nd February 2024: In a concerted effort to encourage environmental sustainability and combat climate change, Sembcorp’s subsidiaries, Green Infra Wind Energy Ltd (GIWEL) and Green Infra Solar Energy Ltd, have joined forces with the Enviro Creators Foundation (ECF) to launch an ambitious urban afforestation initiative in Bhuj, Gujarat. The project, situated at the Smritivan Earthquake Memorial Museum, aims to transform the landscape using the dense Miyawaki Japanese method, planting 10,000 saplings as the cornerstone of a burgeoning green ecosystem.

Over the next three years, Sembcorp will collaborate closely with ECF to ensure the meticulous upkeep of the site, encompassing essential maintenance activities such as deweeding, manuring, mulching, and watering. The initiative marks a significant milestone in environmental stewardship, with the Smritivan memorial site set to host the world’s largest Miyawaki Forest—a testament to the innovative Japanese technique for plantation.

The environmental impact of this endeavor is profound, with the plantation estimated to absorb 4770 metric tonnes of carbon emissions over 15 years. This quantifiable contribution underscores Sembcorp’s commitment to sustainability and underscores the potential for impactful corporate-led environmental initiatives.

Mr. A. Nithyanand, CEO of Sembcorp’s Renewables Business in India, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, emphasizing its role in fostering a greener environment for Bhuj. He highlighted the broader scope of Sembcorp’s community outreach efforts, which have positively impacted over 80,000 individuals in and around their areas of operation. From education and skills development to health and sustainable livelihood opportunities, Sembcorp remains dedicated to effecting positive change across multiple spheres.

The selection of a diverse mix of fruiting and non-fruiting saplings, alongside native flora and fauna, underscores a holistic approach to ecosystem restoration. This careful curation not only enhances the micro-climate of Bhuj city but also promotes biodiversity enrichment and ecological restoration a crucial step towards fostering resilient and thriving urban environments.

Through initiatives like this, Sembcorp is actively reshaping urban landscapes, converting wastelands into vibrant green spaces that serve as havens for biodiversity and contribute to the overall well-being of communities. As the global imperative for sustainable development intensifies collaborative efforts between corporations, NGOs, and local communities exemplify the transformative power of collective action in addressing pressing environmental challenges.

In Bhuj, Sembcorp’s commitment to sustainable development is taking root, offering a beacon of hope for a greener, more resilient future.



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