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World Food Safety Day

Food is a basic necessity. A subject that is not limited to a select few but one that concerns all of mankind, and its safety for consumption is crucial for survival and good health. The 7th of June has been ear marked as World Food Safety Day with the objective of promoting awareness and action on food safety. An annual estimate reveals 600 million cases of foodborne diseases. Unsafe food poses a serious threat to mankind and economies.A global estimate reveals that nearly 420000 people across the world die due to eating contaminated food every year. The statistics for children under 5 years of age reveals nearly 40 % carrying food borne diseases and 125000 deaths annually. Adequate measures need to be taken to ensure that food is safe during the ent i re chain from production to harvest, to processing, storage, distribution, during the preparation and finally consumption. The observance of World Food Safety Day has been facilitated by The World Health Organization (WHO) and the FAO or the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This is done in collaboration with other relevant organizations and Member States.

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