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December 14th is marked as a national day to create and raise awareness about the importance of promoting sustainable energy practices and saving energy. This day comes as a stark reminder to us that energy resources are finite and we need to do our bit and take prompt actions of reducing our energy consumption to protect our resources and our environment.

The world today is faced with the large and looming challenge of climate change therefore this day assumes a very deep significance. Energy conservation is not limited to corporates or large groups of individuals. Every person on this planet can contribute to this great need of the hour. Deliberate actions and practices that are aimed at using energy more efficiently can be pledged by individuals and organizations alike.

The initiation can be miniscule or large as long as it contributes in some way to energy conservation. Turning off electricity and energy consuming items when not in use, opting for public transport to reduce the energy consumption of personal vehicles all contribute to this mammoth task of energy conservation.

The long term and ultimate objective of energy conservation is to achieve sustainable energy usage. We need to ensure that our current consumption needs are met but not squandered. Our future generations must have the energy to meet their requirements. Sustainable energy usage per say is different from energy efficiency that is related to optimizing resource utilization, or employing technologies and processes that need less energy to perform the same functions.

In 1991 The Ministry of Power, Government of India, introduced the National Energy Conservation Awards. These awards acknowledge establishments and industries for their efforts in reducing energy consumption while sustaining production. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) organizes this annual event. Leading personalities are present at this event.

This day is a grim reminder of the effects of global warming and climate change. It motivates and encourages people and companies to take up energy conserving initiatives by creating and raising an awareness about this pertinent issue. This day also celebrates the achievement of the nation in energy conservation and efficiency.

The significance if this day is emphasized in the wake of the dual challenge being faced by the world due to climate change and energy security. The promotion of energy conservation reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and mitigates climate change, thus creating a sustainable future for the entire world.

Mentioned below are a few pointers on what we can do on this day earmarked as the Energy Conservation Day.

  • We can switch off appliances and lights when we are not using them
  • We can use energy efficient appliances
  • We can use public instead or personal transportation
  • We can plant trees which will be helpful in absorbing carbon dioxide.
  • We can educate our children, our peers and all our contacts on this important issue and encourage and motivate them to adopt energy conservation measures.

These small steps will eventually contribute and merge with the larger picture that will create a big difference. The objective of this day is to make it a day of commitments and actions and move towards a greener and more sustainable future for the nation and our entire world.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is an important statutory body that was established in 2001 under the Energy Conservation Act and falls under the Union Ministry of Power. It is a key body that formulates policies and strategies that are aimed at decreasing the energy intensity of the economy of India. BEE collaborates with chosen agencies, consumers and organizations to identify and use the existing and available resources and infrastructure in fulfilling its functions.

The National Energy Conservation awards, The National Energy Efficiency Innovation Awards (NEEIA ) acknowledge energy conservation efforts by establishments, organizations and so on.

Since 2005 The Ministry of Power organizes a National painting competition at the School, State and National levels. Through this competition an awareness is instilled that promotes the efficient use of energy.

The importance of this day is highlighting the importance of energy consumption and also make us aware of its scarcity and its impact on the sustainability of global ecosystems. It brings to the fore and compels us to dwell on significant issues that are facing the world and mankind with respect to energy.

We are also informed about the new courses of action and the plans that are being formulated for this initiative. The development sectors in India are flourishing and the demand for energy is increasing. It is estimated that India’s resource requirements will double by 2030. It is the function and role of BEE to strategize and develop policies that will help reduce the demand through the adoption of energy efficient measures. India has taken strong strides in clean energy transition. Progressive steps are being taken in India by agencies and establishments to ensure that we are on the right track of a sustainable future.

It is pertinent to mention here that the consumption of electricity in India rose in the first half of FY 24 by nearly 8% or 847 billion units. This rise has been attributed by experts to high usage of cooling equipment due to an increase in the humidity and climate change effects which included unseasonal rain. Official data released mentions the rise in electricity consumption to 847 BU during April to September in 2023, as compared to 786 BU during the same period of the previous fiscal.

This years’ NECD celebrations at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi saw the presence of President Draupadi Murmu. She presented many awards in the field of energy conservation on this occasion. National Energy Conservation Award 2023 and National Energy Efficiency Innovation Award 2023 were included in the awards category. The winners of the National Painting Competition 2023 on Energy Conservation were also felicitated on this day.



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