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CSR at SBI Capital Markets Ltd


CSR at SBI Capital Markets Ltd

We understand that as a Corporate Citizen with resources at our command, it is our solemn duty to reach out and support the less fortunate and underprivileged sections of our society.

Businesses derive their primary benefits from operating in society and no business can function without caring for societal and community development. Being a part of an illustrious financial services group that is renowned globally, SBI Capital Markets Limited (SBICAP) has always recognized this fact and established a tradition of giving back to society. Since its inception, a little over three decades back, SBICAP has been involved in several initiatives, actively pursuing and endorsing community improvement efforts in varying capacities, across India. We have a committed CSR policy in place and it is our endeavour to help reach out to various support groups that might require our time, finances or mobilization strength. Be it a cause of national scale or a local grassroots’ initiative to improve lives, we have always followed the dictum of being a ‘responsible and good Corporate Citizen’ with an unwavering focus on supporting social and community needs.


We understand that as a Corporate Citizen with resources at our command, it is our solemn duty to reach out and support the less fortunate and underprivileged sections of our society. The company also encourages its staff members to actively follow, understand and contribute to social causes, to remove indisputable social and developmental lacunae and to promote self and community development. This makes our approach to CSR, a truly holistic and engaging feature of our overall company objectives. Just to give a flavor of the CSR programme at SBICAP, over the past five financial years, the company has implemented and supported more than 50 big and small CSR projects through its various partners, allocating a substantial portion of its bottom line. These projects range from initiatives across healthcare, education, sanitation, disaster relief, child development, vocational training and women empowerment to niche areas like preservation of art and culture. 


SBICAP’s CSR initiatives are spread across the length and breadth of the country and not restricted to only metro centres or areas where its offices are located. These projects are spread across the rural hinterlands of the North-East to the tribal hamlets of Maharashtra, from the villages of West Bengal to rural landscape of Tamil Nadu, and have supported the flagship social programmes of the Government of India, impacting the lives of diverse beneficiaries like special children, women, rural communities and the underprivileged urban poor. With the tangible impact that these projects are generating on ground, the company expects them to set new benchmarks in addressing social lacunae and community development goals.


Going forward, with the learnings gleaned from implementing its CSR programme over the past few years, the company plans to diversify and undertake many more strategic and high impact projects to complement the ever evolving social landscape and contribute to the global sustainable development goals, the Government of India’s vision and the nation’s development. At SBICAP, CSR is not just a buzzword or a compliance requirement; it is an ingrained part of the company’s work culture and corporate commitment. At SBICAP “We Support because We Care.”


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