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Madhumita Tewari, Board Member, Plus Approach Foundation,


Madhumita Tewari, Board Member, Plus Approach Foundation,

Sarv Siksha, Sarv Urja, Sarv Sakaratmak Soch’

Plus Approach Foundation is working with the vision to seek and spread positivity all around. In an interview with CSR TIMES, Madhumita Tewari, Board Member, Plus Approach Foundation, speaks on how they are changing the lives of the people for the sustenance of equality and holistic development.

What is Plus Approach Foundation’s focus areas? What is your vision?

 Positive thinking and disseminating positivism among individuals and especially among youth is our focus. The positive energy of the foundation’s team is facilitating primary needs to the underprivileged/ economically weaker section of the society. Services are rendered for health care, education, environment, empowerment and mainly nurturing a positive mind. It is about ‘Sarv Siksha, Sarv Urja, Sarv Sakaratmak Soch’ Projects/programmes of the foundation are conceptualized to bring in a positive impact for the sustainable development of the society. To write in simple words: “Think Positive, Help Others”.

Can you please tell us about the projects and regions where your programmes are being implemented?

 We do not want to restrict ourselves to any particular region or area. There is a lot to be done, the scope is immense. We have a comprehensive plan and project outline but at the same time we are very firm on delivering valuable sustainability. For example, helping someone with a bowl of rice everyday and helping someone to earn a bowl of rice everyday is different. We have initiated our projects in the state of Uttarakhand. Dagru is one such concept of health care that was launched in the year 2011. Dagru is a local dialect that means companion. So understanding the livelihood and the condition of people living in the hills, this project was initiated to understand and facilitate basic health care like monitoring of nutrition, BP, blood sugar, joint pains, etc. The concept of Dagru has a wonderful aspect. Most of the residents in hilly areas are aged and are staying alone, so the Dagru field team were guided to spend some time in routine gossiping and also help them in fetching some of their daily needs. The idea is to help these lonely aged people and make them believe that someone is there beside them. Unfortunately due to lack of funds, the project has been withdrawn. We have also initiated the concept of selecting deserving students for IIT-JEE in association with CSRL Delhi and support the expenses of stay and study in Delhi Centre. CSRL encourages our efforts in reaching remote hill districts of Uttarakhand. Another major programme that we are very much focused on is organizing seminars and workshops on ‘Positive Thinking’. Until today four such programmes have been held in Delhi catering to various audiences. We try to invite speakers who lead a satisfactory life because of their strong and positive determination.

Recently we have started identifying good students with very bleak financial background and support them in skill development courses. We have the support of Delhi Paramedical and Management Institute (DPMI) in inducting our selected candidates into their preferred courses. Saving resources, energy and environment (SREE) will be our next good step. It is under planning and we are targeting schools in this awareness campaign. This programme is amalgamated with the concept of ‘7 Habits’. We strongly believe that the young brigade will play a major role in nurturing a healthy habitat. Supporting some needs of National Association of Blinds is also a key target for us. Some financial help has already been extended to them and a better sustainability programme is under consideration. Apart from these there are many onetime endeavours that we keep on doing like providing financial assistance for tuition fees, girl’s marriages, etc.

You have been working on environment conservation programmes. What has been the response?

 A preliminary survey has been done for the SREE programme. It will be perhaps one of the most difficult programmes as it involves changing of human habits. Especially in the urban and the metropolitan settlement, where livelihood is focused at attaining maximum luxury, it becomes very difficult to get the assurance of change. To begin with and to showcase results, SREE awareness campaign has to be massive, repetitive and rewarding.


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