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Robert A. Heinlein often regarded as ‘Dean of Science Fiction Writers’ had said “Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.” His words were precise in understanding the limitations of text books in imparting knowledge related to sciences. This text book centered inputs enables students to simply associate the questions about a phenomenon with a word or phrase without understanding conceptually the interactions involved. Science education, even at its best, develops competence but does not encourage ingenuity and creativity. Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL), identifies education as ‘the’ vital tool to promote socio-economical mobility. MGL commits itself in enhancing the quality of education and learning level outcomes in schools under its CSR initiative.

MGL has taken up installation of Science Centre as an initiative for enhancing quality of education. Science Center is a very educative innovative systemic instrument to revolutionize science & mathematics education. These science centers comprise of 60 table top models / exhibits that enable the students and teachers to correlate theoretical science with practical explanation. The center assists in generating curiosity of the students towards science. This also enables children to seek scientific explanation to daily activities and observation thus inculcating an inclination towards understanding science.These Science Centers focus on enabling children to explore and in the process understand science rather than learn and memorize.

These centers thus are in deviation with the general practices through which science is taught in India; which is mostly text book oriented. Science Centre is an initiative to supplement text books by providing models in the hands of students to explore and understand the concepts. The science center focuses on creating an interactive learning environment in the schools which aims at raising awareness, enable students grasp the information & strengthen the aptitude foundation of children. The center is equipped with backdrops and manuals in regional language and provides hands on experience for learning science and mathematics to students.

Apart from installation, a teacher training program is also conducted which enables teachers to understand the usage. Teachers are also trained to use the models / exhibits in classrooms to supplement the lectures.

MGL has till date equipped 6 Zilla Parishad / Govt. aided schools with science centers.

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