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VolCon 2022: The Pinnacle of Volunteering Excellence

Uniting Changemakers, Amplifying Voices, and Redefining Social Commitment

In the vibrant tapestry of India’s social landscape, VolCon emerges as a pivotal thread, weaving together the aspirations, insights, and innovations of countless changemakers. Conceived by Bhumi, India’s leading volunteering NGO, VolCon transcends the boundaries of a mere conference, serving as a vibrant ecosystem for collaboration and commitment.

A Tapestry of Insights: Highlights from Past Editions

VolCon has served as the epicenter for thought leadership and transformative action. Within education, this signature event has spotlighted the indispensable role of volunteering in shaping holistic learning environments and fostering lifelong skills. As a beacon for educational reform, it underscores the imperative of grassroots involvement in enhancing academic outcomes, nurturing creativity, and building resilient communities.

The ripple effects of VolCon extend far beyond education. The burgeoning trends indicate a scaling up of volunteering initiatives across various sectors—from environmental stewardship and rural upliftment to youth empowerment. This holistic approach signifies a collective shift towards harnessing the power of volunteerism as a catalyst for broad-based societal change.

Rohini Nilekani, Chairperson of Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies, sets the stage ablaze at VolCon 2022 with her visionary keynote.

Inspiring Voices: VolCon has had the privilege of hosting esteemed speakers from the social sector, including luminaries like Rohini Nilekani and IAS Elambahavath, Special Officer for Illam Thedi Kalvi—a transformative initiative by the Tamilnadu School Education Department. Their insights and expertise have profoundly influenced the discourse, equipping attendees with invaluable perspectives and catalyzing transformative action.

Empowering the Network: With over 1,000 delegates and 300+ NGOs participating in the last editions, VolCon has become a nexus for forging partnerships, sharing resources, and amplifying impact.

Sneak Peek into VolCon 2024

With growing excitement for the forthcoming edition slated for February 29 and March 1, 2024, at the prestigious Citadel Sarovar Portico in Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru, a glimpse into what awaits is taking shape:

Thematic Dialogues: VolCon 2024 is set to delve deeper into specialized thematic tracks, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of pressing issues and emerging trends.

Beyond Borders: With a keen focus on global perspectives, the conference aims to foster cross-border collaborations, inviting international and national experts, NGOs, PSUs and corporates to share their insights and experiences.

IAS Elambahavath, the special officer for Illam Thedi Kalvi, shares experiences, and learnings, highlighting the engagement of 2L volunteers who navigated COVID challenges to support the project.

Diverse Representation: VolCon 2024 promises a rich tapestry of thematic dialogues, exploring established paradigms and emerging trends in volunteering and corporate social responsibility. Furthermore, the conference will spotlight the pivotal role of technology in amplifying impact, showcasing innovative approaches poised to elevate volunteering efforts to unprecedented scales and dimensions.

VolCon is an illuminating force, guiding the journey toward an inclusive, sustainable, and equitable world. Drawing together thought leaders, professionals, and fervent advocates, it stands as a unifying force. Together, rallying under VolCon’s emblem, changemakers leverage the strength of the community and reinforce their unwavering commitment to carve out a luminous future for everyone.

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