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        Four Ponds in Gurugram revived by HDB Financial Services

 21 July, 2023: HDB Financial Services (HDBFS) a non-banking financial institution incorporated in 2007 undertook the complete restoration of four waterbodies in Gurugram as an eco-restoration initiative. The four waterbodies – Sanpka, Kharkari, Tatarpur, and Alipur ponds were revitalised and renewed by HDB as a collaborative effort, along with its CSR Partner Environmentalist Foundation of India.

The following key activities constituted the restoration work-

  • Removal of 13.5 tonnes of garbage from the periphery of the lake.
  • Removal of invasive weeds through a manual and mechanical process
  • Excavation of sediment deposited over the years, use of the excavation silt for strengthening the bunds and nesting islands to attract birds
  • Channelizing the flow of water by clearing clocked inlet and outlet channels
  • Creating percolation trenches to help recharge the groundwater table.
  • Constructing embankments along the perimeter of the lake in order to prevent flooding.

The four ponds were without a proper structure with the ponds’ embankments being taken over by invasive weeds and non-biodegradable waste. The aquatic life was at risk due to the water having turned murky and stagnant.

Approximately 9000 residents in the vicinity, have benefitted from the restoration of these water bodies. The ponds will appear visually appealing and will be safer for pursuing recreational activities. Flood like situations will also be prevented and the ponds will be able to store excess water.


Rakesh Kumar, National Head – Two Wheelers & Auto-Loans, HDB Financial Services, mentioned that collaborative steps needed to be undertaken to reverse the impact of climate change, since waterbodies were depleting fast and needed to be restored. The CSR initiatives of HDB Financial Services, he added were committed to the cause of water security and efforts towards restoring the four ponds in Gurugram was a step in that direction. The ecological balance would be maintained in the region and natural aquifers would be recharged through the restored ponds.

Founder, Environmentalist Foundation of India, Arun Krishnamurthy said that ecologically surface water bodies played a crucial role in balancing the local environment, regulating the surplus waters during the monsoon periods, keeping the lake surroundings cool, nurturing wetland ecosystems, providing feeding and breeding grounds to migratory and local birds.  Recreation centres and open spaces for social exchange in the urban world today are also facilitated by water bodies. He expressed his gratitude to HDB Financial Services and the local Panchayat President for their support in the restoration of water bodies in Gurugram.

HDFS has supported the restoration of over 100 waterbodies all over India till date, with a view to maintaining the ecological balance and helping communities attain water security.



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